Randy Rabbits: On Scanlating the Sex

Reisen Udongein Inaba makes Funbuns HAPPY

Can you take a guess at how difficult it is?

Answer: not very, at least for those doing the gruntwork. Let’s use the recent Etrian doujinshi as example. Translating? Could’ve been a bitch; go ask ak the translator. But everything else? It was fun. You think I’m joking? Cleaning was a cinch. Just leveled, got rid of some obvious bits of dust, some minor redraws for bubbles. Proofreading? Here’s a reenactment:

funny_bunny: Oh boy, thanks to prophet and nde for proofing the script! I will typeset this as fast as a fiddle!

Killer Ink: Text looks kinda dry.

funny_bunny: By Zeus! You’re right! THIS TEXT NEEDS MORE ZING! 1000 Rabbits! To me!

And then he had us read the script out load. With vigor. I bet I sound pissed off right now, but I’m not. It seriously was a hilarious time. See, all those SFX like moaning and groaning? We added that in after so we were just reading the actual dialogue. The SFX, ak didn’t translate much because it was all “ah” and “oh”. If we were just to put that, it would’ve gotten boring chop-chop. So we decided to take a page from SaHa and spice it the FUCK up. Mad props to SaHa for the vast range of sex-SFX like “nng” and “mmph”. And Funbuns says that “puah” is his favorite…that’s the sound of gagging on cockjuice, which I assume he’s familiar with. I like “fuah” myself; I’m gonna have to ask people if they’ve ever said that during copulation.

But, if you’ve read the Etrian doujinshi, you’d have noticed a special kind of ZING we added, SFX non-withstanding. Emphasis, motherfucker. Thanks to our readings of the script, we decided to bold up the more IMPORTANT words. We all think it enhances the hell out of it…but what do you think? I mean, if you all hate it…frankly, we’re not going to stop. We enjoy it way too fucking much, so…deal.

Editing is like sex, because we get FUCKED all the time

Anyways, this’ll be applied to yaoi and any other randy titles the Rabbits will play with. Will we take requests, commissions, and donor projects, like the other hentai groups? Uh, maybe? Remember kids, we’re the RABBITS. We do anything and everything…that our translators will translate. So the real final word is on them.

Funny and Pat buy doujinshi regularly and anything that’s not already scanned or stuff that’s hard to find…we will scan. But it’s a little too early to REALLY beg for cash, so we’re going to hold off on that for while longer. That said, donations of any kind are welcome: sending us rare raws of stuff we’re asking for would be rock; $$$ would be even rocker. As you surely see, none of us have any sort of restraint in showing off the unspoken sexual side of fandom. Well, I know me and Lavie shake our heads incredulously while Pat and Funny devour this shit.

So yeah, come to the Club Cowslip for all your Randy Rabbit After Dark needs. This is prettyprophet the PR Rabbit, peacing out.

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3 Responses to “Randy Rabbits: On Scanlating the Sex”

  1. animekritik says:

    Translating this was though, but thankfully my vocal repertoire during sex has improved dramatically. Hooray! Nnng mmph!

  2. prettyprophet says:

    What can I say? We’re all about the education.

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