Yukimi’s [Eee (EVA ero ero)]

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“All the rest had used sex for sentiment, never for force; to them, Eve was a tender flower, and Herodias an unfeminine horror. American art, like the American language and American education, was as far as possible sexless. Society regarded this victory over sex as its greatest triumph, and the historian readily admitted it, since the moral issue, for the moment, did not concern one who was studying the relations of unmoral force. He cared nothing for the sex of the dynamo until he could measure its energy.”

prettyprophet: By the time you read this, things we say here may or may not out of date. That’s because we’re doing these posts ahead of time since most of us are going to be fucking busy with finals from April 6th to April 18th. Damn.

funny_bunny: Don’t worry, it’s a GOOD FRIDAY.

prettyprophet: Which means some GOOD releases. So good, it’s almost religious!

funny_bunny: It’s EVA so it IS religious!

prettyprophet: Yukimi of circle Enuma Elish does Evangelion: Eee aka EVA ero ero aka I Need You. Sorry Rei fangirls and boys, this one ain’t about her, despite what the cover might hint at.

funny_bunny: It’s the Etrian doujinshi all over again! But that’s ok! Because this is YURI.

prettyprophet: Pat, get over here for a sec. Alright, before we set out to do this release, we had this argument over what qualifies as “yuri”.

Kawaii Pattycakes: This is NOT yuri. DOES NOT COUNT.

prettyprophet: Fuck you, decision was made. Basically it was “flowery girls kissing and touching” against “girls sexing each other”, or “lesbian porn for girls” against “lesbian porn for guys”. In the end, me, Lavie, Ed, and Funny were just like, fuck it, lesbian sex of any kind = yuri.

funny_bunny: NO PENIS ALLOWED.

Kawaii Pattycakes: But there was penis in EVA ERO ERO! >_<

prettyprophet: Was it the main focus? Hell no. And no emoticons. Anyways, chillax, we’ll get around to flowery lesbian action whenever. Eee was just fitting because…you know, Eva, Christ…some shit like that.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I have lots of Yuri Hime ideas

funny_bunny: I AM THE HIMEST OF ALL.

prettyprophet: Blah blah blah, Enuma Elish presents Eee (EVA ero ero). Hey, tell us how you want the PSP releases or we’re leaving them widescreen.

funny_bunny: Translated by ak the VOID.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Please help us! Send delicious raws! And join the forums! I can’t because a prophet bunny is mean and won’t let me!

prettyprophet: Funny’s bad enough, I don’t want you, Ed, or any of those idiots cluttering the thing.

funny_bunny: LAST COWSLIP RELEASE! Will do only work-safe Naruto from now on!

Kawaii Pattycakes: REALLY??!

prettyprophet: Really.

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8 Responses to “Yukimi’s [Eee (EVA ero ero)]”

  1. The-One says:

    Still do get..COZ OF THE COVERZZZZ!!!

  2. jpegtheterrible says:

    Thanks for translating this one. Another group did it before, but I find this version a bit more interesting.

  3. prettyprophet says:

    Ah hell, which group was it? Manga-Updates didn’t show anything so we just went ahead. Damn, we could’ve done something else.

    Anyways, keep an eye out on the Rabbits. We got the Decadent, we got the Good.

  4. jpegtheterrible says:

    Amerika Hikkikomori Kyokai was the group, I recall

  5. prettyprophet says:

    Looks like they’re defunct now. Anyways, even if we might half-ass the cleaning, script-wise and font-wise, we’ll always try to make it hot. Hot is how we roll.

  6. animekritik says:

    Amerika Hikkikomori Kyokai is a pretty rad name. Likely to get on some Neo-Nazi watchlist.

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