DDT’s [Ouvertüre]

A Fate Night Dream

“What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.”

Peking Duck: It hurts so much.

prettyprophet: What, your feet?

Peking Duck: What?

prettyprophet: After giving all those footjobs to Ink?

Peking Duck: What the HELL are you talking about?

prettyprophet: Oh, I’m just going completely off-topic to make a decent opener for the post.

Peking Duck: Wait are we starting?

prettyprophet: Eh, I guess. Yo, this is Prophet and a special guest. She’s been around for a while, working in the back, sucking dick and so forth…it’s Peking Duck!

Peking Duck: Wow, thanks.

prettyprophet: So what do you think?

Peking Duck: About what?

prettyprophet: All this.

Peking Duck: This is fucked up and pervy. Prophet, what the hell are you doing?

prettyprophet: It’s called translating comics. We’ve been doing it the past several months. Get the memo?

Peking Duck: Pervy comics.

prettyprophet: Hey, we said we’d do anything. So here you go. Fate/Stay/Hollow Night/Ataraxia/zero/Realta Nua doujinshi! “Ouverture”, by circle DDT, featuring FEMDOM with Dark Saber/Black Saber/Saber Alter and Shirou.

Peking Duck: I can’t believe this was for Trojan.

prettyprophet: Rape, really funny. No, seriously, this was done for TROJAN, our good friend who likes Type-Moon for some reason. Why didn’t we do yaoi with Dark Saber x Shirou? Because this was already scanned and being translated. That was pretty much the only reason I vouched for it.

Peking Duck: The rape wasn’t a reason?

prettyprophet: Sweetener. Sweetened the deal.

Peking Duck: Wow.

prettyprophet: You did Sweet Body, you knew what you were getting into.

Peking Duck: Did you even look at this thing?

prettyprophet: Oh fuck off, what’s wrong with this one? You should see the shit Ed has.

Peking Duck: I don’t want to see the shit Ed has.

prettyprophet: Background info: you all know me, I can handle anything. Ed, Funny, and Pat…specifically Ed and Funny, they have some fucked up shit, just because. Ed has it to traumatize people, Funny has it for obscurity, Pat has it for…Japan. Peking Duck here, she’s not “in-the-know”. So even something like Ouverture freaks her out.

Peking Duck: It’s porn.

prettyprophet: And? Porn is powerful. Sex is powerful. Any woman or man who tells you otherwise is fucking lying. Here, I’ll shove previews to Ouverture throughout, see if that gets the boys excited or not.

Cuteness in Comics

Peking Duck: So you’re telling me it’s ok to talk and think about sex all the time?

prettyprophet: No, I’m telling you that sex is something that cannot be stopped. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, fuck that moral shit. Power.

Peking Duck: Why feed the fire then?

prettyprophet: Someone’s gotta do it. And someone’s gotta do it with style. I’d like to think that we’re that group.

Peking Duck: Who the FUCK reads this?

prettyprophet: Well, since this one’s a Fate/Stay release with Saber, a lot of men…and boys, probably.

Peking Duck: And they’re probably not a good bunch.

prettyprophet: Hear that readers? Ducky thinks that nothing but raging perverts with eternal erections read this shit. Prove her wrong.

Peking Duck: That’s an exaggeration!

prettyprophet: So you’re saying that they’re NOT all raging perverts? It’s like saying, “Oh, you girls are Asian and you like hanging out in a billiards hall? Clearly you’re fucking sluts!” No joke, assholes have actually said that to us.

Peking Duck: Yeah, but that’s billiards.

prettyprophet: Yeah, but it’s porn. Same deal. In fact, it’s even less of a deal, because ANYONE will, at one point or another, have interest in porn.

Peking Duck: Even your fucking brother.

prettyprophet: Fucking COURSE. He’s a guy, ain’t he?

Peking Duck: That doesn’t bother you?

prettyprophet: If he did nothing but jerk off all day, maybe. But nde’s fine. Hell, I haven’t even caught him yet.

Peking Duck: Maybe that means he DOESN’T look at porn.

prettyprophet: Two words: Ed, Funny.

Peking Duck: We need to save nde’s ass then, because he’s going to get messed.

prettyprophet: Chillax, this is nde we’re talking about.

Peking Duck: What about Ink then?

prettyprophet: Ink’s not physically sexual. But you see his paintings? There’s the sex.

Peking Duck: But you’re saying all guys look at porn.

prettyprophet: Correction, I’m saying everyone looks at porn.

Peking Duck: Even kids.

prettyprophet: Do you REMEMBER grade school at ALL? Hormones flaring and shit. People playing around.

Peking Duck: I didn’t!

prettyprophet: And neither did I, but we all know people do did, right?

Peking Duck: Ahhhhh, I hate talking to you about things like this.

Nippon Play in Comics

prettyprophet: Happy birthday Trojan! This isn’t actually his birthday today, because…fuck it, you guys don’t need to know when whoever was born.

Peking Duck: So tired.

prettyprophet: Tired and broke. Which lets us slide into the next point: commissions! Check it out.

Peking Duck: Good, get some money for this.

prettyprophet: Nah, there’s going to be zero profit.

Peking Duck: Whose idea was it?

prettyprophet: Who else?

Peking Duck: And you’re ok with this.

prettyprophet: As long as I get my hands on the scripts.

Peking Duck: You’re pretty evil, you know that?

prettyprophet: I’m open with my agendas. Again, Fate doujinshi, DDT, Ouverture. Dark Saber x Shirou, thorough femdom. [prophet edit: Almost forgot, ak did the intro page. Head over to his blog, give props.]

Peking Duck: Hentai. Yay.

prettyprophet: Commissions, see FAQ.

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9 Responses to “DDT’s [Ouvertüre]”

  1. Mindflayer says:

    Porn is evil and only bad people try to justify it as in any way “natural.” Well, anyway, I am off to fap to this. Thank you.

  2. Theru says:

    Oh, this looks pretty.

    Female downloading this now; take that, demographics.

  3. prettyprophet says:

    Everyone knows it’s cooler to be the bad guys than the good guys, therefore this is Rabbit destiny.

    And Theru, hell yes, fuck Dworkin.

  4. Mindfapper says:

    Since my first post, I have raised my coolness three times, then. :]

  5. Tsurepettan Loev says:

    We’re not all raging perverts, some of us are too spent from fapping to rage =P

  6. Vaane says:

    Yay, more Fate/Stay night love :D I just closed down FSN (playing Unlimited Bladeworks arc) and what do i find, but SABER RAEP!! Love you guys :) And i wish i had an eternal erection, i could go all night then!

  7. prettyprophet says:

    I’m glad people are enjoying it; hey, it’s Fate, it’s Saber……that’s definitely striking a chord with folks. I was slightly worried people might complain thanks to the shit-ass cleans holstein did like, last year. No one bothered to reclean since we were aiming for a deadline.

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