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Rabbits do commissions?

Yeah. Contact ribaldrabbit[at]gmail[dot]com (obviously replace those brackets) and we’ll exchange the details. If you’re sending the raws, send it through Mediafire or Megaupload or something because if there’s anything attached, I’m not opening it.

How much for how much?

Tit-for-tat. You give us a 30 page doujinshi to do, you’ll have to pay us enough to get another 30 page doujinshi. Exceptions would be if you want us to buy the very thing you want us to do…well, really, nothing changes there. If you want us to have flat rates…we’ll think about it. “Yo cunt, tit-for-tat is more expensive!” No, it’s not. Usually your average sized doujinshi is around $10 US from the places Funny and Pat buy from: Mandarake, Plecomi, jpqueen, and Japanese Shop Samurai. Add shipping and that’s $15. If you feel like paying us more than the required for whatever bizarre reason, I’m not– no, I would stop you. What the fuck are you thinking?

If you’re commissioning for the first time, 50% advance up-front. When we’re done the final version, we’ll send it to you to look over, see if it’s to your liking.

What can I commission?

Anything. Really, anything. Hentai, yaoi, yuri, non-sex doujinshi, ANYTHING. That said, it ultimately depends on what our translators can take…as well as our cleaners. If there’s one person who can’t handle something, there’s probably another that can. Like, there’s already Funny, Pat, and myself as cleaners who will SERIOUSLY work on anything. I may not LIKE the material but it will be done. Naturally, there are things that some people just wouldn’t want to cross. Just send us the raw if you’re iffy and we’ll decide ourselves.

Also important: we focus on oneshots and doujinshi. If you want us to do full-blown volumes of manga, that’s probably not happening. It’ll have to be special request right there.

How long will it take?

Depends on the script; could take up to a week in total for the average 30 page. Remember, the Rabbits also work on a ton of other non-sex projects. Hey, what’s a week? Think of it as a build-up to the exciting climax. Ugh, I’m saying nothing but double entendres now. If you REALLY need it fast for some reason, make sure to tell us and we MIGHT speed things up. No promises on that.

Keep in mind that if you’re having us buy the doujinshi proper, it’ll take even more time since shipping takes a week or so.

How will it be done?

A translator gets the script up, which takes around a week. During that time, our cleaners go at it, taking about the same time or less. If dialogue is in a bubble, it’s translated. If dialogue is outside of a bubble, it’s translated. Most in-bubble SFX as well; SFX that’s not in bubbles aren’t unless you’re willing to shell out for more. If you want, author’s notes can be translated too, though that’ll take more time. Page quality will depend on the raw quality; if it’s crap, we’ll do what we can to make it less crap. If it’s good, it’s good. The script and text itself is lovingly edited by literary experts such as myself (prettyprophet), nde, Lavie Rhap, and Chief Rabbit funny_bunny in order to give you the best experience possible. Man, this sounds like some massage spa ad.

I want to put the commission on my own site!

It’s your commission, why not?

I want to take all the credit for it!

Uh, no. If there’s one thing we insist on, it’s leaving in our credits. Please, credit where credit is due. We’d show the same courtesy. Of course, your own name (should you wish) will be prominently displayed somewhere (should you wish). Speaking of credit, this FAQ was pretty much copied off SaHa’s FAQ. On terms of starting off in the scanlating of sex, his work was pretty much the basis for how we now operate.

I want to put the commission on my private site and charge top dollar for it!

Now that’s a fucking brilliant idea! We’ll just release the thing for free to the public immediately after! What a deal.

I want to make my commission secret!

That’s fine. However, should we see it floating around the abyss of the Internet, we’ll release it to the public. Also, should someone else ask for that same commission, all they have to pay is a straight $5 and it’s out. Exception is if the raws were originally scanned by you; not FOUND, scanned. In that case, we’ll move all the work onto the new commissioner’s raws.

I have no more questions!

You sure? Go ahead and ask in the comments [do it in the actual page, not here, please] or email if you’re the discreet type.

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