Harukanata’s [Broad Smile]

Shadow of Alto

“The clothing of the wealthy is soft glass, and of the poor, 25 woven brass; the land is very rich in brass, which they work like wool after steeping it in water. It is with some hesitation that I describe their eyes, the thing being incredible enough to bring doubt upon my veracity. But the fact is that these organs are removable; any one can take out his eyes and do without till he wants them; then he has merely to put them in; I have known many cases of people losing their own and borrowing at need; and some–the rich, naturally–keep a large stock. Their ears are plane-leaves, except with the breed raised from acorns; theirs being of wood.”

funny_bunny: DESTINY.

prettyprophet: I’m sorry, I have a fucking headache right now so I’m just saying what I have to say and then getting the fuck out; no Funny, I’m not letting you talk because then I’m going to have to edit this shit. Ok, so this took nearly two months to finish (despite ak doing the script chop-chop, go thank him) because of mixups and conflicts and whatever. And now it’s out. Have fun with it. “Oh what the fuck guys, this is yaoi!” Yo, where the fuck have YOU been? Haven’t we said we’d do it? No, no, no…..hasn’t Funny REPEATEDLY stated that yaoi AND Macross were incoming? Now, to counter the yaoi fans themselves: why is this is in the Club? Because anything that has outright sex designed to get people excited goes here. Cowslip is decadence. “Look, the relationship between Michael and Alto is pure and love and some shit…” There are two kinds of doujinshi: happy happy fanwanks and sex. This has sex. Therefore, Cowslip. Peace out.

funny_bunny: Today is the Rabbit day of Yaoi. Yaoi Day!

prettyprophet: Heh, May 21st. Mark it.

funny_bunny: We dedicate it to Ed. Love you! SUCK DICK, FUCKFACE!

prettyprophet: I just got back from an impromptu trip…I am tired as hell and I can’t tell if nde and Funny are drunk or not because this is how they normally act. There are empty bottles all over the fucking place which means people came over or they just cleaned it out themselves. Or maybe both.


prettyprophet: Get the fuck out of my house.

funny_bunny: I’m bringing in special guest who isn’t special at all but she’s special because this is being brought via LIVE SATELLITE GOOGLE TRANSLATE! It’s Lavie!

Lavie Rhap: Hello everyone.

prettyprophet: Say something constructive because I don’t know where he’s going with this.

Lavie Rhap: Writing a post?

funny_bunny: Broad Smile! Michael x Alto! MACROSS F! DECULTURE!

Lavie Rhap: Ah, our very first yaoi project, if we’re not counting the Persona 4 one.

funny_bunny: THAT’S SHOUNEN AI!

prettyprophet: Yeah, don’t let Pat catch that slip.

Lavie Rhap: She’s not here?

prettyprophet: Nah, with Ed. Fucking him, no doubt.

Lavie Rhap: Should we [CENSORED]?

funny_bunny: Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww son.

prettyprophet: Yearly in-joke, right here.

funny_bunny: So! Did you ladies DELIGHT in this DJ?

Lavie Rhap: I’m not familiar with Macross Frontier.

prettyprophet: No. Fuck Frontier.

funny_bunny: NDE??

nde: Yes?

funny_bunny: HE SAID YES. Broad Smile! Nyan Nyan Frontier! Proto Triangles! Circle Harukanata! MIYABI! MIYAVI! MEEV! EVANGELION!

prettyprophet: LION KING.

Lavie Rhap: Hamlet.

nde: Ophelia.

funny_bunny: RABBITS REMEMBER LOVE. End post!

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