Manga Super’s [Infinity Stars]


“If the speed is open, if the color is careless, if the selection of a strong scent is not awkward, if the button holder is held by all the waving color and there is no color, not any color. If there is no dirt in a pin and there can be none scarcely, if there is not then the place is the same as up standing.

This is no dark custom and it even is not acted in any such a way that a restraint is not spread. That is spread, it shuts and it lifts and awkwardly not awkwardly the centre is in standing.”

funny_bunny: DECULTURE.

prettyprophet: Fuck this.

funny_bunny: Oh don’t be a pissed-off-prophet. Surely there is forgiveness?

prettyprophet: This doujinshi takes all the effort I put into turning hentai female-friendly and bashes a brick into it. Thanks.

Peking Duck: So is she gonna go off on one of her rants?

funny_bunny: She better!

prettyprophet: Fuck you two. Due to popular demand, Peking Duck is brought back. Salivate over her ass, you horndogs.

Peking Duck: Wait, demand?

funny_bunny: I DEMANDED.

prettyprophet: Nah, not really. Funny just needs someone to hide behind.

funny_bunny: Oh pish-posh, I am a brave soul!

prettyprophet: Readers, I just made a backhand motion to Funbuns and he curled into a BALL. THAT’S THE FUCKING FACE OF YOUR FUHRER.

funny_bunny: I am a meek Jesus-figure!

prettyprophet: Fuck that meek bullshit, he was tough. See all those paintings and shit? Body like a rock.

Peking Duck: Oh god….you guys…..

funny_bunny: Don’t worry! I’m sure Jesus would be flattered.

prettyprophet: Yeah, he’s a laid-back guy. And looks like Johnny Depp. Hey, fuck, I’m still pissed here. Duck, don’t let me forget that.

Peking Duck: …..Sure.


prettyprophet: Ok, so here’s my beef. This doujinshi is nowhere near as bad as any other shit I’ve seen on terms of chauvinistic piss. But it was ME who had to check over the fucking thing because shrimpdick Ed was the one who cleaned it, which means I have no idea how much or well he actually cleaned because he’s a shit cleaner; fuck him. Did I want anything to do with this? No and yes. I don’t like Macross. I don’t like love triangles. I don’t like idols. And I sure as shit don’t like your usual dumbass girls who get themselves fucked for retarded reasons. That said, a part of me WANTED to get involved in order to sway things over to my persuasions. Looking at the script now, it couldn’t be done.

[funny started talking about Cross Edge here and I got distracted. Hard mode, FUCKING GRIND. Anyways, continuing on.]

I got nothing against Nekoi. His art’s distinctive, I wouldn’t mind doing more of his stuff in the future. But what the FUCK was that with Sheryl getting the tables turned on her? One second she’s fucking the hell out of Alto, fingerbanging his ass, then the next he’s some sort of sex god. He’s a virgin. What virgin BOY becomes a sex god instantaneously? Fuck that, virgin boys are messy, selfish fuckers with a penis for a brain. Succubus Nurse, Virgin Prey, there’s your virgin.

Peking Duck: Um, prophet, sounds like you know these virgin-types pretty well, huh?

prettyprophet: Oh suck dick, Duck. Don’t tell me YOU fucking forgot.

Peking Duck: [censored for a variety of reasons]

prettyprophet: And what about [censored friend]? Remember what happened there? Alright, to all our readers who are male, here’s a Rabbit public service announcement: If you ever have sex with a virgin, don’t be an asshole. As Tenacious D once said, fuck her gently.


prettyprophet: I’m going to ignore that last part. What happened with [censored friend] was she and a boyfriend had sex. Well, they were both sweet, youthful virgins…….until he starts jackhammering her because, you know, porn teaches you that. [censored friend] didn’t like that and socked him across the face, knocked out a tooth. And now you know.

funny_bunny: End Rabbity PSA!

Peking Duck: Think [censored friend]‘s gonna care we just told the internet?

prettyprophet: Eh, not like the internet’s ever going to find out who she is. And all of us know ourselves, so it’s no big deal. Ok, back to ranting. Ranka loses her virginity. It’s bloody. Whatever. Ranka gets gangfucked in every hole a few pages later. That’s perfectly fine. No, wait. It’s fucking not. She better be seeing her gynecologist after that. And whatever it is for anal. A regular fucking doctor, I guess.

funny_bunny: Prophet again speaks with experience!

prettyprophet: I know, I know, this is all fantasy because it’s fucking drawings (see the latest moral outrage bullshit over ‘rape’ games….or at least games with ‘rape’ in the title). Hentai wouldn’t be as appealing to the prole with Ranka having anal prolapse (though I bet there’s always an appeal). It’s just that this is an elementary mistake and Nekoi, I’d have thought you’d do us one better. You let me down.

funny_bunny: And Ranka’s REASONS?

prettyprophet: Fuck that shit. Also, losing your virginity TAINTS you? Fuck off, the Restoration’s over. It’s the post-post-modern. Everyone’s fucking soullessly these days. Organs got more value.

Peking Duck: So…..why are we even releasing this?

prettyprophet: Because it’s Nekoi, because as much as I don’t like it, I’d never blacklist stuff from the Rabbits. That’s how we roll.

funny_bunny: Because we remember LOVE. What parts did Prophet LOVE?

prettyprophet: I guess I’ll forgive you now…….thanks to five things. 1) “Drink it up” 2) “Fuck you” 3) “Cock banquet” 4) The whole dedication to libertine terminology 5) Juxtaposition between Ranka’s thoughts and speech. Made it at least bearable. Ed doesn’t get any forgiveness…..ever.

Peking Duck: Cock banquet. What the hell?

funny_bunny: nde helped with 4!

prettyprophet: Then you don’t have enough. Fuck that, I don’t forgive you either. “Macross Frontier” doujinshi by circle Manga Super, artist Nekoi Mii/Mie or whatever he wants to call himself. Asshole pervert x Ranka, bunch of asshole perverts x Ranka, Sheryl x Alto, Alto x Sheryl. Enough of Macross.

funny_bunny: Rabbit Service Medley OC!

Peking Duck: This is so crazy.

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4 Responses to “Manga Super’s [Infinity Stars]”

  1. jpegtheterrible says:

    Well at the blood, sweat, tears, bloody tears, eyesweat, pore blood, vein crying, and rage pee poured into this translation is well appreciated. Nekoi Mie makes me happy enough.

    poor prettyprophet

  2. prettyprophet says:

    Most of the rage came from post-production….checking all this shit over. Notice how I didn’t care at all about Futa Milking, mainly because I didn’t have anything to do with that.

    Doesn’t matter. You’re enjoying this, tons of other people are enjoying this, therefore this was worthwhile.

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  4. [...] that “Broad Smile” doujinshi wasn’t enough, here’s something for you boys: “Infinity Stars” by Nekoi Mie, circle Manga Super. Hentai, Sheryl x Alto, Alto x Sheryl, Rich Fuckers x Ranka. Fuck [...]

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