Sorauta’s [Mahagal Love!]

This is a good sauna

“Get up on your feet, tear down the walls
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world
Snooping ’round will get you nowhere
You’re locked up in your mind…
We are all trapped in a maze of relationships
That goes on with or without you
I swim in the sea of the unconscious
I’ll search for your heart, pursuing my true self”

prettyprophet: Hey, Pat. SURPRISE, SLUT.

Killer Ink: You had to have known this was coming.

Lavie Rhap: An auspicious start for your new year.

Peking Duck: Uh……..ok.

Whopper: Hope you turn Ed gay.

Trojan: Turn Ed gay!

trev: Fag hag.

Mori: Waste of time.

funny_bunny: I pray this makes your heart beat and your inhibitions BREAK.

nde: It’s “Persona 4″ yaoi.

edthefucker: What the fuck’s the big deal about this? Weak shit for Pat.


prettyprophet: Ok, there’s the well-wishes and blah.


nde: Protagonist (Souji Seta) and Yosuke Hanamura.

Lavie Rhap: Should we tell the story behind this and another doujinshi yet?

prettyprophet: Nah. Save it.

funny_bunny: This doujinshi makes up for the pansy SHOUNEN AI KISSY TIME one from eons ago! PROTAGONIST ON TOP, YOSUKE ON BOTTOM!

prettyprophet: Wasn’t Yosuke a bottom in “Not Enough Sadness” too?

nde: With an aggressive streak.

Lavie Rhap: Would that not make him a ‘top’?

prettyprophet: Hey, aggressive bottoms exist. See Genshiken. Oh god, why the fuck are we even talking about this?

funny_bunny: Let’s ask Patcakes to confirm!

prettyprophet: No, we’re not, since that would defeat the purpose of this being a surprise post. Speaking of surprises, MECHAFETUS! Kinuko, Paul, Ouendan, Radrappy, and naturally, Persona; this one also goes out to you guys. Sorry for being…pretty late on your anniversary. Blame Funny.

funny_bunny: Blame BLAME!

Lavie Rhap: All in all, this was a relatively ‘regular’ release. Was there anything of particular note?

prettyprophet: Yeah. Script changes to add in Megaten references.

Lavie Rhap: See how many you can find.

nde: Though “Hotel Marin Karin” was already existent.

prettyprophet: That one made me laugh.


Lavie Rhap: Which was included at the end.


prettyprophet: Oh, and on that last little stand-alone comic……did not understand it. A bunch of us were under the assumption that it was a reference to the drama CD………but this was made December ’08. I guess Ayanami’s just pre-empting it? Whatever.

funny_bunny: It is making our Prophet lose her hair.

prettyprophet: Seriously, it bothers me. Course, that’s not a jab to our poor, poor translator, the Ghost, who seems to be trapped doing sex these days.

funny_bunny: Don’t worry, ghosts are already in endless torment! Adding my infinity madness will be fine, ohohoho.

Lavie Rhap: Hopefully we’ll change that in the near future.

prettyprophet: Ok, I don’t want to be saying any more about this doujinshi because….fuck it, save it for later.

funny_bunny: And there is LOTS to say!

prettyprophet: I’m just going to leave off on this note: This is not P4 yaoi. This is P4 hentai. Yosuke, fucking christ what have they done to you.

nde: I wonder what Sorauta’s take on Kanji would be.

Lavie Rhap: I’m guilty of fantasizing that myself.

funny_bunny: Oh, Pat, what horrors you have wrought!

prettyprophet: Says the fucking guy pushing for tentacle yaoi.

funny_bunny: Why, that was Pat! …and mayhaps a dash of moi!

Lavie Rhap: Mahagal Love! by circle Sorauta, artist Yori Ayanami. A Persona 4 yaoi doujinshi, featuring a Protagonist x Yosuke pairing.

funny_bunny: Quick, nde, think of a Rei joke!

nde: I wouldn’t know.

prettyprophet: P4 yaoi, never more?

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6 Responses to “Sorauta’s [Mahagal Love!]”

  1. Persona says:

    You guys should translate some hot non-yaoi Persona doujin, yow!

  2. Ghost in the Machine says:

    I wonder if Funny is going to force a project switch now that you’ve said that.

  3. prettyprophet says:

    As much as I’d like to see a major Persona flood…..schedule for next month is a LITTLE tight. C’mon, translators, get your asses over here, make things easier for us!

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