Uguisuya's [Over the Rain!]

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“The girl burst out laughing; she knew she was nobody’s meat. She laughed at him full in the face, she ripped off his shirt for him and flung it into the fire, in the fiery wake of her own discarded clothing. The flames danced like dead souls on Walpurgisnacht and the old bones under the bed set up a terrible clattering but she did not pay them any heed.”

[The following post was recorded on the 6th without Prophet’s knowledge or consent. Edited for privacy and convenience.]

prettyprophet: Fuck me, I’m sleeping shit these days.

Lavie Rhap: And a pleasant morning to you.

prettyprophet: I don’t get it, I’ve been getting seven hours a night.

Lavie Rhap: Try for eight.

prettyprophet: [long sigh] Not with my schedule. Fucking [censored activity]. Fucking Rabbits.

Lavie Rhap: You’ve been overworking yourself—

prettyprophet: And before you fucking say it, no, I’m not letting you take more work.

Lavie Rhap: Let’s be reasonable; I’m already heavily involved while you and Funny bear the main burden of everything.

prettyprophet: Ok, listen you— …wait, where’s nde?

Lavie Rhap: He’s out with Ink.

prettyprophet: Fuck it. Ok, don’t tell Funny or Pat, but I know [censored project]’s getting released.

Lavie Rhap: That’s being released?

prettyprophet: Oh fuck off, Funny probably told you.

Lavie Rhap: No, I’ve been kept out of the loop this time.

prettyprophet: Well, maybe, since if you knew, you’d have stopped Pat from editing the fucking thing on my PC. Honestly, did they really think I wouldn’t figure it out?

Lavie Rhap: Secrecy in the open, as they say.

prettyprophet: Fucking bullshit, yo.

Lavie Rhap: Are you going to pretend to be surprised when they release it?

prettyprophet: Hopefully they’ll do it when I’m drunk. Then I can just yell at them.

Lavie Rhap: I’ll make sure to diffuse your spark of drunken rage.

prettyprophet: You’re a pal.

Lavie Rhap: Would you be nearly as angered if it wasn’t a series?

prettyprophet: [sigh] I just don’t know if we can handle another one. When I found out about this, I told ak in secret, “Don’t translate anything Funny asks you to do.” So I was hoping that’d derail the idiots…but I’m sure they got Ghost on board.

Lavie Rhap: So if it was, well, a doujin, you wouldn’t mind?

prettyprophet: Get Valkyria up in this piece…or Megaten, fuck yeah!

Lavie Rhap: Even hentai?

prettyprophet: Especially hentai. We haven’t done any yet…and our translators are guys. What the fuck is up with that?

Lavie Rhap:You’d think Pat or Funny would’ve pushed for one by now.

prettyprophet: I like how you lumped Pat in with the boys.

Lavie Rhap: Now, I could have said you; don’t you think this is more apt?

prettyprophet: Jesus, I don’t even know why I haven’t been gung-ho for P4 hentai.

Lavie Rhap: Perhaps Pat is swaying you over to boys’ love?

prettyprophet: Oh fuck no. Homoerotic as it is, I ain’t dripping over MC and Yosuke fucking. Probably because there’s a total overkill of that.

Lavie Rhap: How about something featuring Yukiko? You did choose her in your playthrough.

prettyprophet: Yeah, but that’s because no one was going her route.

Lavie Rhap:Why didn’t you pick Chie again?

prettyprophet: Hey, I may be pretty arrogant, but I ain’t so narcissistic I’d want to romance myself. Plus I didn’t dig her social link that much.

Lavie Rhap: Flames of the past, flames of the future…

prettyprophet: Hmph, funny…oh, shut it.

Lavie Rhap: Was that—

prettyprophet: Now hold up a fucking second, how about you picking Ai? Patronizing bitch.

Lavie Rhap: A bit of my own narcissism, I must say.

prettyprophet: [laughs] High school, eh? Great times.

Lavie Rhap: Does this mean you’ll be playing Pat’s…the exact word eludes me…”maiden games”?

prettyprophet: Fuck. That. Shit. Persona 5 better give me a girl protagonist and a fuckload of good-looking guys.


Lavie Rhap: To assuage your wait, Prophet, we have a Persona 4 doujinshi featuring Yukiko, Chie, sexual repression, Rise, the protagonist…as well as others. And I must say, I’m very sorry for all the deceit.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I was tricked too! But it was to trick you, so that worked out! HAVE SOME FUTA YURI SAKUYA HARDCORE SEX MODE!

funny_bunny: Don’t worry, Prophet! I KNOW your Shadow loved it! DON’T DENY THE TRUTH FROM YOURSELF.

Peking Duck: Soooo…….yeah. I heard it was hell trying to get this comic out. Hope you appreciate it!

Killer Ink: We don’t have to wish them happy birthdays again, do we?

funny_bunny: Of course not, you illin’ Ink. Why, we are not devious devils, seeking loopholes from what Prophet said about her not wanting BIRTHDAY RELEASES. This post isn’t for any special occasion! IT’S NOT FOR SOME TERRIBLE TWINS WHOSE BIRTHDAY HAS JUST PAST THE DAY BEFORE.

Killer Ink: By the time Prophet and nde see this, we would have confessed everything.

Peking Duck: Just blame Funny.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Yea! He was Decoy Octopus!

funny_bunny: Now, now, MOI was no Decoy Mantis. [censored project] was Sniper Snake!

Lavie Rhap: And so, Over the Rain! by circle Uguisuya, artist Uguisu Kagura. Contains Shadows x Yukiko, Chie x Yukiko, ? x Yukiko, and Rise x Protagonist. There were four-panel gag comics that have yet to be translated; I have a feeling that will infuriate you more than anything we’ve plotted.

funny_bunny: A Persona 4 hentai doujinshi! ABOUT TIME.

Peking Duck: Dedicated to Prophet, the pro-porn feminist.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Everyone, send lots of femdom P4 yuri/hentai! She loves it!

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