Suginami Sakura’s [Squad 7 - Pervert Women Detachment]

Edy is the REAL star

“The tears we cry are echoes
That tell what tomorrow can hold
And I wept in your arms
And I heard bells ring out across the land
Ringing peace at last to your heart
My dearest friend and now the look that you gave me blooms
And will live on through the tears in us all without end”

prettyprophet: Ha! Thought we’d forget about Valkyria? Fuck no! Here’s a doujinshi.

Kawaii Pattycakes: All-star cast Battlefield Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles doujinshi!

funny_bunny: Alicia! Rosie! Edy! Susie! Marina! AND Johann AND Selvaria! REGULAR ARMY! XXX REPORT!

Kawaii Pattycakes: Cosplay!

Trojan: Uniforms, they are HOT.

prettyprophet: Circle Suginami Sakura, artist Ogata Mamimi. “Squad 7 – Pervert Women Detachment”…and it just so happens to be the Rabbits’ very FIRST release with……..

Kawaii Pattycakes: BROLEN! He does hentai! ………….think we can do some yaoi joints? PRETTY PLEASE?

prettyprophet: Maybe if it’s Valkyria. Go fetch some.

funny_bunny: This was a super fun release, for we RE-LIVED “At Yggdrasil”!

prettyprophet: Word, script editors got together…….and read the script. Made some changes…..made some in-jokes….so yeah!

Trojan: Man, I wish they showed Johann’s face in game….think he looks like that?

prettyprophet: I always pictured him as an earnest kid. Yo, you know what’s fucked up? We gotta be older than half of Squad 7.

Trojan: Yeah, so?

prettyprophet: Vyse is 17. Homer’s 15. Emile’s 15.

Trojan: Hold up, hold up, says here Welk’s is 22 and Faldio’s 23. And Nils? 29! All good.

prettyprophet: Oh god, what if I’m ephebophile.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Prophet, don’t be silly, so many smecksy boys in anime are teens!

prettyprophet: Don’t lump me in with you. Besides, I ain’t turning into a fucking cougar. Like Lavie.


Trojan: And some prostate action! Yeah!

prettyprophet: Not kidding. Readers, I bet you’ll like it.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I loved it!

prettyprophet: Go play Valkyria. Go play some DLC. And read this doujinshi. Rabbits recommend.


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  1. [...] Chronicles doujinshi returns! Circle Suginami Sakura storming the beaches with “Squad 7: Pervert Women Detachment”! Features the title story and “Behind Her Big Breasts”! Lots of ACTION HENTAI! First [...]

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