Dangerous Thoughts’ [Dangerous Cattleya]


Want your bad romance”

funny_bunny: BWAH.

Lavie Rhap: A commission from McFly518.

Peking Duck: How sad is it that the only post we can do together is a hentai one?

funny_bunny: But togetherness!

prettyprophet: Hey, it’s a commission. That’s money right there. Plus it’s not like Lavie’ll be here by the time this post gets posted.

Lavie Rhap: You really don’t have to do this for me.

prettyprophet: Fuck you, we do.

funny_bunny: UNION.

Lavie Rhap: Well then, this is a “Queen’s Blade” doujinshi from the circle Dangerous Thoughts. It’s called “Dangerous Cattleya”, or “Dangerous Katorea”, following the spelling in the book itself.

prettyprophet: The artist’s Kiken Shisou…….does lots of painfully-big-breasted women. And armpit hair.

Peking Duck: Uh….what.

funny_bunny: Like in “Sons of Liberty”…DUH.

prettyprophet: I’m more bothered by the breasts. God, how can you stand?

Lavie Rhap: Or swing a sword!

prettyprophet: A fucking Guts-esque sword. Oh, I better say what this doujinshi’s all about, else Pat’ll be pissed. So it’s a “Queen’s Blade” one, starring Cattleya and her kid, Rana……and pig-orcs Uh, it ends more or less how you’d think it’d end. There’s a fuckload of fetishes in this one…..I’m kinda impressed.

Peking Duck: You guys sound really impressed and that’s freaky scary.

funny_bunny: Why Ducky, there are magical potions and porcs and giant penii and glasses and incest and takkun and Leina!

prettyprophet: Orc porking. Thanks to ak for making that pun……oh, and translating the whole damn deal.

Lavie Rhap: It was categorized as bestiality despite the creatures being labeled as “orc”.

funny_bunny: I wanted to used the BEAST tag! But come now, my dear friends, do you not want the REAL RAW MATERIAL??

Peking Duck: NO.

prettyprophet: Whatever, we’ll get to it eventually.

Peking Duck: Weren’t you the one who was always “no fate”?

prettyprophet: Chea, make your own fate.

Lavie Rhap: I hope you can see where this is leading to.

Peking Duck: I don’t get it. Like, I get IT…….but nevermind.

funny_bunny: Oh Ducky, Ducky, Ducky…it is for Decadence. Unfathomably DEEP Decadence!

prettyprophet: So yeah, “Queen’s Blade” doujinshi, “Dangerous Cattleya” by Dangerous Thoughts, artist Kiken Shisou. A commission from McFly518. Hardcore. Wanted to say that the orc-talk wasn’t translated because……it’s not Japanese? I think.

Peking Duck: Remember to use Lady Gaga.

Lavie Rhap: I’m sure there’s critique than can justify it.

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