Randy Rabbits: Sponsor the Sexy

Will the Rabbit Prince get the Rabbit Princess?

Here’s the post version of the Donor page. Go comment at the page if you want replies.

How does this work?

We’ve got a list of projects we’ve started initial work on. Sponsoring the project gets it released. Cost will depend on how long the thing is. An estimate will be next to each one. You can contribute as much as you want. If you want your name on it, want rants on it, sure. Anonymous? That’s fine too. Email ribaldrabbit[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the brackets) for details.

Why so many doujinshi and oneshots?

In this day and age, claiming a future project for yourself means jack shit. There are other groups out there and they can easily grab one of our prospective projects without even knowing we existed. Doujinshi and oneshots are easier to drop than a full volume.

You’re working too slow.

If you paid us, I’m sure we’d work faster.

Fuck you, I’m doing it myself!

Go ahead.

I thought you guys said you weren’t in this for the money?

Ever since we moved from the WordPress.com hosting, we need money or we’re dead.

Explain the list!

Name, parody, genre, and link to the thing if it exists on the Doujinshi Database. It’ll be ordered by circle, alphabetically, along with artist. In manga’s case, just artist.

Can I suggest any projects?

As long as you got some quality raws, hit us up.

I don’t get any this.

Email ribaldrabbit[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the brackets) or comment and we’ll talk.

So where’s this list?

Right here.

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