Masala.’s [Azure]

How Astral

“Beneath the rocks where ivy-frond
Puts forth new leaves to gleam beyond
Those lately dead:

The very smallest two or three
Of gold (gold pale as ivory)
We gatherèd.”

prettyprophet: Blazblue doujinshi! “Azure”! Circle Masala. with that period! And the artists we don’t know because it seems like there were two of them and fuck it, we can’t figure out their names. One of them may be “Naru”.


prettyprophet: So this was supposed to be released on the new day, like we usually do….but Funny upped and vanished. This morning, nde and me pop by……turns out he’s all sick as hell. I don’t know why we’re releasing this today now; coordination for this thing is hell.

funny_bunny: Oh come now I am simply shivering is all but my mind is still super pointy and jagged at all sorts of irregular angles. Besides, we release…FOR LITCHI! FOR NOEL! FOR ARAKUNE! FOR MECHA TAGER!

prettyprophet: Yeah, I’m probably going to wait for the third iteration before I pick up Blazblue.

funny_bunny: C’MON. C’MONnnnnn.

prettyprophet: Guilty Gear XX all over again, man.

funny_bunny: BB needs more BOOBIE LADIES LIKE I-NO! Or Bridget!

prettyprophet: Uh, Carl? Seriously, talk about playing to the fetishes.

funny_bunny: Oh BB you fetishy series you.

prettyprophet: We’d like to dedicate this release to Anonymous Scanner because for some bizarre reason, traffic gets directed to here from there. Sorry, no futa in this, just glasses. Well, for the first half.

funny_bunny: Two doujinshi for the price of one!

prettyprophet: Also want to say: TRANSLATORS, EDITORS, JOIN UP. We kinda expanded operations here……which ain’t that smart, since our team roster hasn’t gotten any bigger.

funny_bunny: It is ok though because the Great Moon Rabbit powers us up.

prettyprophet: If people don’t join, Funny’ll get sicker and finally die.

funny_bunny: But we know that is an impossibility for I am epitome of health!

prettyprophet: Shut up and fucking rest. As for the rest of you, send in that Jin x Ragna yaoi. “Azure”, Blazblue doujinshi by circle Masala. Tentacle Arakune on Litchi for the first half, Noel for the second. One page of preg at the end, kinda.


prettyprophet: More like 60 days now.

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  2. Ooo, a dedication, and it even has delicious glasses. :D

  3. prettyprophet says:

    We try to remember fetishes when possible…..and when not too wtf-inducing.

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