1000 Rabbits’ [Yukiko's Fairytale]


Don’t you want to be a pretty, pretty princess?


A youth approached the reception desk of the most-esteemed Amagi Inn.

“Um…is Yukiko around?”

“I think she’s working in one of the rooms down the hall,” said a teen in a kimono pattered with fuchsia. “She’s a bit sick though, so you may want to visit another time.”

“Oh, uh…just needed to ask her…um, a few things, that’s all. Yeah. Yeah!”

As the youth stammered away from desk, he could hear the girl whisper to her fellow staff, “I’ve never seen him around before! Do you think he just moved here?”

“He’s hot! Way hotter than Yosuke! Maybe as hot as Souji–”

“I think he’s hotter than Souji!”

“Well…this guy does look like a rock…”

“Did you see how tight his pants were? Oh god, those thighs…”

The youth blushed and sped up his pace. The girls at reception went to his school; could they not recognize him? The one in the fuchsia kimono…she was a grade younger…they played football together…she looked particularly fetching. Something pressed against the inside of the youth’s jeans; the youth regretted not wearing sweatpants…though that would only betray him more.

Arriving at the aforementioned room, the youth slid open the door. Yukiko, with long, black hair, unbound without headband for some reason, sat across the room in red, back turned, unheeding the intrusion.

“Um, Yukiko?”

“She left,” a male voice said. “Went out to buy some comics.”

“What? I thought she was sick.”

“She got better.”

“Is she coming back soon?”

“Don’t know. Said she was buying a lot of comics.”

“But she only likes that one thing with all the lame puns! And that’s a monthly!”

The boy in red tilted his head. “Chie?”

“Yeah—I mean…what? No, I’m…uh…Chet.”

The boy in red rose and, before the youth could react, unzipped the youth’s green jacket. Underneath was a tank-top far too small for a young man; the youth’s athletic body flinched at the boy’s aggression.

“What the hell do you think you’re–”

The boy silenced the youth with a slender finger to the lips.

“Chie, don’t you think it’d be better to just not wear anything underneath? I mean, the way you’re built now, it’d just stretch out your clothes!”


“I have to say though, I don’t mind the way your pants getting a little stretched…”

“What?” the youth looked down; no longer a slight bulge, but a fully pitched tent he had. “Oh god!”

The boy swept around the youth, drawing a hand across his stomach.

“To tell the truth, if I had a body like yours…I’d just stare at myself all day…”

“Yukiko!” the youth wheeled away, flushed in two places. “This is serious; I woke up today and— ”

“And you couldn’t help but be turned on by your new true self!”

“Listen, Yukiko—“

“I’m not Yukiko, just like you’re not Chie, right? But fine, you can be Chie…” the boy began unbuttoning his shirt. “…and I’ll be Yukiko.”

“Uh, Yukiko…” Chie backed away until he struck wall. “Wh-what are you d-doing?”

Yukiko flicked loose the last button. Svelte was his figure, like a girl.

“Don’t you remember what my Shadow wanted?”

Rushing to Chie, pinning him to the wall, Yukiko smiled.

“A prince.”

“I’m not a guy…ok, I am now…but…screw this! This is too weird!”

Chie tried to push Yukiko off; there was too much unfamiliar friction; Chie shuddered and weakened enough for Yukiko to pin him to the floor.

“Sensitive, aren’t we?”

“N-no…” gasped Chie. “I-I-I mean…no, I don’t know what…whatever you’re talking about…”

Yukiko tore down Chie’s pants; fresh ejaculation flung into the air from a still-firm cock.

“That’s odd,” Yukiko murmured, closing his legs on Chie’s sides, letting the cock tap against his back pocket. “You’re not wearing underwear?”

Chie reddened; Yukiko could barely suppress his joy in seeing Chie squirm.

“It f-felt…it felt…wasn’t right…”

“That’s a lie!” Yukiko sat back and could feel Chie’s cock harden further. “It felt perfect.”


“It felt too perfect. When you squeezed into your lace, you stiffened right up, didn’t you? And you liked it. So you touched. With one finger, to start. But even then, it was your virgin dick’s first time at anything; you came like that, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

“No! N-no…I don’t wear lace!”

“I know,” Yukiko loosened pressure, knowing Chie was too aroused to think clearly, and slipped down his own pants. “But I do.”

Chie felt wetness trail up from his belly button; Yukiko’s phallus was now itself erect with lighthearted lust.

“Yukiko, you—“

“To be honest, I like yours so much more,” Yukiko slicked Chie’s cock with lubrication, kneading into his testicles while at it. “Who knows how many times you came already? Yet you’re ready and willing for another go!”

“We shouldn’t be—“ Chie was cut off as Yukiko entwined tongues with his.

“I knew you’d come here. Who else would you go to with a problem like this? Souji? Maybe…he’s probably had practice with Yosuke…but you don’t want to be seduced…you want to seduce…you want to dominate someone…you want to fuck someone…”

“Y-you…planned this?!”

“Nope!” Yukiko laughed. “I was likely as surprised as you were, waking up like this!”

Yukiko removed his hand from Chie’s cock, sticky with more than lubrication.

“However…how could I pass up an opportunity this juicy?”

“Don’t you th-think we should…c-c-calm down a b-b-bit and—“

“I’m always calm…”

Yukiko grinded down on Chie, this time with nothing to keep the cock from entering him. The boy in red watched the youth in green trembles increase. Enclosed inside Yukiko, Chie experienced a pleasure he would never feel again; pain replaced the pleasure as Yukiko clamped down at the base of Chie’s cock with his hand.


Stroking Chie’s cheek with his other hand, Yukiko smirked, “I knew it! You do cum quickly!”

He allowed Chie to go deeper until he reached his fingers that could not be relaxed; he knew the moment that happened, Chie would explode; far too soon, for Chie’s agony ought to be savored. He ascended slightly, exposing the shaft while still entrapping the tip of Chie’s cock; a little bit more and Chie was out.

“My, you are throbbing…” Yukiko dug his nails into Chie, ignoring his pleading pants for release. “And you said you didn’t want this…”

Yukiko lowered himself just so Chie’s cock could not reach his hole.

“There’s only one way I’ll let you go…” tittered Yukiko with much maliciousness, “…You’ll need to fuck me.”

Chie shrank at that second use of vulgarity from Yukiko but his true self grew; Yukiko felt it scream out and clenched harder with delight. Their eyes met; Yukiko’s twinkling teasingly, Chie’s darting about in distress. Words failing him, Chie could only nod.

Chie placed shaking hands on Yukiko’s thighs; Chie thrust into Yukiko.

“Don’t act gentle!” gleamed Yukiko, “I practiced while waiting for you!”

Yukiko ran his hand up Chie’s broad chest and toyed with his nipples.

“Or do you like the idea of hurting me?”

Chie shook his head with vigor, unconscious of drool dancing on tip of his tongue; Yukiko grabbed him by his hair; held him still.

“I don’t mind…” Yukiko hissed into Chie’s ear. “In fact, let me tell you’re hurting me…”

No longer content with Chie’s clumsy, yet eager, stabs, Yukiko began bouncing on his own; Yukiko’s cock slapping against Chie’s abdomen.

“Oh god! You’re so hard!” Yukiko giggled. “Go slower! You’re going to tear me apart!”

Yukiko sped up; Chie gasped in protest, to no avail.

“Chie, how could you do this to me?!”

Yukiko raked his nails down Chie’s neck, returning to torment his tits.

“Aren’t we best friends?”

At that, Chie could take no more; he stabbed into Yukiko on his own accord, on his own indulgence, breaking free of Yukiko’s grasp.

“No!” shrieked Yukiko, hair flailing wild, smile spreading wide. “Chie, you’re too strong! You’ll break me! You’ll break me!”

Each cry incensed him further; Chie thrust away; he did not even notice he had ejaculated. But Yukiko noticed; she guffawed in gratification at each subsequent discharge. With one more rake across Chie’s muscles, Yukiko’s cock lit open Chie; that sudden hotness open himself brought Chie back to reality; he would have paled if not for his blood pumping in all ways.

The pair said nothing for quite some time; only their heavy breathing and scent of sexual satisfaction punctuated the air. Yukiko spread his seed across Chie’s stomach; his muscle definition was greatly accentuated.

“Oh?” Yukiko slowly lifted himself off Chie’s cock. “You’ve finally stopped?”

Semen trailed out of Yukiko, onto Chie; Yukiko did not need to look to know that he was filled. His hand grazed the glistening mess absent-mindedly; with a moan, Chie was erect again. Yukiko’s laughter was loud and lacking in composure.

“One more time?”


“Hey, Kanji.”


“Pull up a chair, watch me beat Teddie with Toon Link.”

“There’s nothing funny about Toon Link!”

“Uh…guys…this might sound weird but…”

“You know, we know you’re dating Naoto. You don’t have to worry about affirming your sexuality or anything.”

“You guys ever have dreams about your friends?”

“…Please don’t tell me we were in it.”

“No…no! It was about Chie-senpai and Yukiko-senpai!”

“Oh, well, that’s no big deal.”

“Yeah! I dream about the ladies all the time! Last night was Rise and that one lady in blue in that limo!”

“C’mon Kanji, fantasies aren’t a big deal.”

“Yeah…about that…”


Yuuki and Prince Chitarou

Yukiko and Prince

Boy!Yukiko x Boy!Chie! PERSONA 4 COMMISSION! From schwarz-gold! For a queen of cookies! RABBIT REVELRY LOVES MEGATENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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