Kou Nishikawa’s [Teacher's Perks]

Completely true to life

“So are those in which a man aims at something desirable for some one else’s sake; actions good absolutely, such as those a man does for his country without thinking of himself; actions good in their own nature ; actions that are not good simply for the individual, since individual interests are selfish.”

prettyprophet: What do you know, another BROLEN X CLUB COWSLIP X OMEGA999 release! Kou Nishikawa again, this time the oneshot “Teacher’s Perks” from “Ageha no Otome”.

Lavie Rhap: It’s strange how her nipples are visible through layers of clothing.

prettyprophet: Japan: tight as fuck suits.

Lavie Rhap: Ah, high school.

prettyprophet: I forget if any of the boys ever hooked up with a teacher. Probably not, seeing how none of hot ones would ever do something like that.

Lavie Rhap: But that would never stop them from fantasizing.

prettyprophet: If I had a dollar for every time Ed talked about fucking Mrs. (CENSORED).

Lavie Rhap: Of course, this is no difference from before and after high school.

prettyprophet: Yeah, you fucking horny motherfuckers. I didn’t start thinking teachers were hot until…….yeah, high school. Ok, I’m a hypocrite, ignore me.

Lavie Rhap: If it’s who I believe you’re thinking about, I wouldn’t blame you.

prettyprophet: Definitely who I’m thinking about. I’d say you had hotter ones though.

Lavie Rhap: In a superficial sense.

prettyprophet: Quantity, yo. You know you can’t fawn over the same guy everyone else is fawning over. Fuck mainstream and all that.

Lavie Rhap: I applaud your principles.

prettyprophet: Ha, fuck off. Think I got principles? One thing out there got stronger principles than me…….

Lavie Rhap: Passing Fancy?

prettyprophet: Passing Fancy.

Lavie Rhap: Purchase further “hot for teacher” series there.

prettyprophet: They sell uniforms! Roleplay your teacher rape dreams.

Lavie Rhap: They have male uniforms?

prettyprophet: I forget. But they’ve got uniforms for girls, so ladies, go ahead on the teacher rape yourselves. If Pat were a lesbian and Lavie wore a three piece suit and skirt, they’d definitely get it on. Fuck, Pat ain’t a lesbian and she still tries to get it on.

Lavie Rhap: Though not with me.

prettyprophet: Actually I should probably stop talking.

Lavie Rhap: I’m sure they’ll be reading this shortly.

prettyprophet: Yeah. Pat, Funny, fuck off.

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