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prettyprophet: Well, I’m hungover. Studio Mizuyokan’s “ZAN”, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ doujinshi, artist is…….some long ass thing I’m not looking up. Commissioned by freelunch! Go thank his ass because if you don’t, you should feel bad. There’s couple pages of Glemy x Ple Two, then the rest is Rakan raping the fuck out of Haman. Nothing out of the ordinary, yeah?

Probably Rabbit business I should talk about……but I can’t remember. Join! And all that whatnot.

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Buy it hardcopy at Passing Fancy!

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  1. [...] “ZAN”, Gundam ZZ hentai doujinshi from Studio Mizuyokan, artist Higashitotsuka Rai Suta, what a mouthful. Commission from freelunch. [...]

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