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Fucking hax yo

So we got hacked…….from something that sounds like this description, so yeah. “”, to be exact. I think most of it’s been cleared out but we don’t know just how compromised we were so if you guys pick up anything on your antiviruses, send word to pr.rabbit[at]gmail[dot]com or, if you can, comment here (comment over on the Reich so I don’t have to check both places).

Oh, shit looked something like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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St. Armadel Ch.’s [Melancholic Automaton Vol. 1]

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Slurping is good in Japan and Fate

“Sacriel a sous lui la Chymie, la transmutation des Métaux scait l’art des lapidaires, la sculpture, la propriété des piérres et Images, tire-les morts des sepulcres et leur donne la vie arrête le cours du Soleil, excite les Méthéores et fait vivre les hommes longtemps.”

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DEX+’s [P3lovers]

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Mitsuru x Yukari CANON

“So she sat, looking at the rain, listening to the many noiseless noises of it, and to the strange soughings of wind in upper branches, when there seemed to be no wind. Old oak-trees stood around, grey, powerful trunks, rain-blackened, round and vital, throwing off reckless limbs. The ground was fairly free of undergrowth, the anemones sprinkled, there was a bush or two, elder, or guelder-rose, and a purplish tangle of bramble: the old russet of bracken almost vanished under green anemone ruffs. Perhaps this was one of the unravished places. Unravished! The whole world was ravished.”

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