St. Armadel Ch.’s [Melancholic Automaton Vol. 1]

Slurping is good in Japan and Fate

“Sacriel a sous lui la Chymie, la transmutation des Métaux scait l’art des lapidaires, la sculpture, la propriété des piérres et Images, tire-les morts des sepulcres et leur donne la vie arrête le cours du Soleil, excite les Méthéores et fait vivre les hommes longtemps.”

prettyprophet: Well, well, well, what do you know? Axis of Awesome just expanded……with this Anonygoo (of Anonymous Blob fame) x Rabbits deal right here: “Melancholic Automaton”, Fate/stay doujinshi from St. Armadel Ch. aka Studio Nama, artist Kagetora. It’s an Ilya fake-out (sorry, lolipop fans) with those servant/maid/homunculi taking over onto Shirou’s cock. Chillax, Illyasviel von Einzbern wears barely anything in this so you can still get off looking at her…..though if you’re that desperate for her, I doubt her wearing clothes would make a difference.

nde: The homunculi are children, in a sense.

prettyprophet: Yeah, they’re what, two years old? So that’ll turn someone on crazy. Oh, even though this doesn’t say “Volume 1″ anywhere on it, there’s two volumes out, so may as well label this with a “1″.

nde: Leysritt is the one who has sex with Shirou in this.

prettyprophet: In case only Sella arouses you and Leysritt disgusts you, despite the two of them looking pretty much the exact same.

nde: Rabbits are still recruiting.

prettyprophet: Yes we fucking are. Translators, editors, scanners, anything, hit us up! We got rewards no one else got.

nde: Like what?

prettyprophet: PASSING FANCY! You want that Ilya hardcore orgy with Saber, Rin, the one with purple hair, Rider, and I don’t remember the rest of the cast.

nde: Purple hair is Sakura.

prettyprophet: Whatever, point is, buy all your rare as hell Fate doujinshi from Passing Fancy. Ask and ye shall receive and all that.

nde: I’m playing Peace Walker.

prettyprophet: Fuck, it’s got you too.

nde: It has base management.

prettyprophet: Don’t you dare tempt me.

nde: I’ll let Funny then.

prettyprophet: Goddamn kid. Anyways, first joint with Anonygoo, props go to him for translating. “Melancholic Automaton”, St. Armadel Ch., Fate doujinshi, Ilya x Shirou, Leysritt x Shirou.

nde: One op?

prettyprophet: Screw it, I’m watching Terminator 2.

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