Bronco Hitoritabi’s [Yukiko's Household Circumstances]


“V is for vile deeds done in the night;
X marked the spot, if we read the map right;
Y’s your last question, the end of the ring;
(Z waits alone, and it’s not for a thing).”

funny_bunny: YES, IT IS WAR.

Lavie Rhap: Summer Wars.

prettyprophet: Didn’t see that yet. Maybe I will……..after I crush Funny’s little theme month.

funny_bunny: Ohohoho…OHOHOHO, this release is NOTHING to my PERFECT CALCULATIONS!

Lavie Rhap: A Persona 4 hentai doujinshi, by circle Bronco Hitoritabi, artist Uchi-Uchi Keyaki, scanlated by the Rabbits. It’s full-color and stars Yukiko being subjected to domination by rich old men due to the family inn’s financial troubles. There are additional images following the feature story: Yukiko again, Nanako and the Protagonist, Chie and an unknown male assumed to be the Protagonist, and Rise with an off-screen Protagonist. For those with a glasses fetish, take note of this release.

funny_bunny: Tsk, no Naoto, no Margie, no Sayoko, no Ai, no Yumi, no Ayane, no Eri, no Hisano, no Izanami…and ESPECIALLY NO FOX.

prettyprophet: Shame, that fox.


prettyprophet: See, he’s just overworked to hell now because he lost holstein……to me. Ha, bastard.

Lavie Rhap: If everyone can recall back to the past April, this doujinshi had appeared on the Club Cowslip…as a joke release. We’ve now done a proper English scanlation for your enjoyment.

funny_bunny: LAVIE! WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF STRIFE AND WAR! Do not rob us of such fun!

Lavie Rhap: Forgive me, I couldn’t help myself, given that this is an all-color doujinshi; quite rare in our projects.

prettyprophet: Nah, we’ve done a few……..I think.

funny_bunny: ONLY ONE OTHER.

prettyprophet: No way, there’s more than that…………..ok, Ganassa’s Yosuga deal, the Conan/Kaito, and Lodoss.

Lavie Rhap: On terms of scanlation, only Piropon GOLD could qualify, as Tentacles wasn’t full color.

funny_bunny: HA! HAHA! Take THAT Prophet, WE WIN.

Lavie Rhap: I’d like to say that I should stay out of this one.

funny_bunny: Not ze WAR, dearest Lavie…simply this situation…of WILL AND DOMINATION.

prettyprophet: Fuck off, I’m calling it now: MEGATEN MONTH. Fuck Birth Month, fuck Funbuns…….MEGATEN. MONTH. Suck it.

Lavie Rhap: Seems slightly premature to declare victory for either side…there is still half a month to go.

prettyprophet: Trust me, I got this.

funny_bunny: No, trust moi! I have TRUE MOONBEAMS!

Lavie Rhap: nde, have you taken a side?

nde: No.

Lavie Rhap: It appears I shall stay neutral as well.

funny_bunny: BORING.

prettyprophet: Whatever, I ain’t the one being pressured into churning out releases. C’mon, hasten the fuck up! We’re waiting for next!

funny_bunny: Fufu, your confidence…it almost makes one CARNAL…

prettyprophet: Speaking of carnal, Torsten over at Stolen Translations wanted to see this one get done. Got to it sooner than we expected, so….yeah, lucky you.

funny_bunny: How DARE you brush off my lusting words!

prettyprophet: Please, bitch. You lost this month.

funny_bunny: Ooooooooooo how I stand by my declaration on your confidence…WHAT WAR WE SHALL REVEL IN!

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, summer Comic Market just hit; send us raws of stuff you think we’d be interested in because we’re too busy to look. HQ raws only, yo. Actually, you know, Funny go find some. You got the time, yeah?

funny_bunny: But of course! My schedule will allow MAXIMUM social linking before the month is up…oh pretty, pretty, PRETTY prophet…

prettyprophet: Rabbit brinkmanship at it’s finest, folks.

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