0 SHIFT’s [Her Unfathomable Feelings]

Arcueid x Sion makes your blood melt

“Come hither foam-born Cyprian goddess, come,
And in golden goblets pour richest nectar
All mixed in most ethereal perfection,
Thus to delight us.”

funny_bunny: Kanojo no shoudou wa, darenimo wakaranai?? No, no! Rather, “Her Unfathomable Feelings!” Tsukihime doujinshi! Melty Blood doujinshi! 2D FUTA FUCKING DOUJINSHI! From 0 SHIFT! Rei Ayanami! Brolen x Randy Rabbits! AT LONG LAST, TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH FOR YOUR PLEASURE! AT LONG LAST, ALL FORMER COWSLIP RAWS CONQUERED! THE CLUB HAS PREVAILED!

But where are our 0 SHIFT doujinshi? Two years and not one has been sent! SADNESS UPON SADNESS! We MUST acquire MORE! For FUTA MONTH 2011!


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6 Responses to “0 SHIFT’s [Her Unfathomable Feelings]”

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  2. Ehud says:

    Cute. Many thanx.

  3. Shake says:

    Does anyone understand what this guy is saying in his descriptions?

  4. prettyprophet says:

    You’re going to have to ask Brolen on that.

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