St. Armadel Ch.’s [Melancholic Automaton Vol. 2]

Sella = cure to cumdumping

“Omnipotens Aeterne Deus, Qui totam Creaturam condidisti in laudem et honorem tuum, ac ministerium hominis, OTO ut Spiritum (N.N.) de ( ) ordine mittas, qui me informat et doceat quo ilium interrogavero, non mea voluntas fiat, sed Tua, per Jesum Christum Filium Unigenitum. Amen.”

prettyprophet: Remember our first every joint project with Anonygoo?

nde: Yes.

Killer Ink: Yes.

prettyprophet: Told you we’d get to the sequel. “Melancholic Automaton” Vol. 2, St. Armadel Ch. aka Studio Nama aka Kagetora! Fate/stay doujinshi! Guess who’s fucking the hell out of Shirou this time! Hint: it ain’t Ilya. You lolipop lovers are just out of luck, huh?

nde: Sella.

prettyprophet: Though if we want to be totally accurate, it starts up directly after the last one, so Leys is kinda sitting on Shirou’s dick for a bit. Oh, and Sella eats Leys out, making this slightly “yuri”. But hey, if going down on another girl was all it took to turn someone into a lesbian…………………..maybe I’ll just stop there, leave something for the boys to fantasize on.

Killer Ink: Too unsubtle.

prettyprophet: Hey, fucker, way to spoil the fun.

nde: Rabbits now share IRC bot with Liquid Eros.

prettyprophet: Wait, did we mention that before?

Killer Ink: News to me.

prettyprophet: Whatever, apparently holstein (official unofficial mascot XDCC bot, not the official unofficial mascot psychopath Funny-hater) is being shared with Liquid Passion and Biblo Eros, yaoi groups…………………oh wait, they’re the same group. Wasn’t Funny affiliated with them?

nde: Somewhat.

prettyprophet: Well, that explains the gangbanging of holstein. Want yaoi? Get it from them because RABBITS LACK YAOI TRANSLATORS; C’MON YAOI TRANSLATORS, JOIN UP AND WE’LL DO ANY KINK YOU WANT.

Killer Ink: If you’re sharing the bot, why bother doing yaoi? Downloaders could just download from Liquid Eros and the Rabbit channel can be hentai.

nde: Funny mentioned that the group philosophy was still intact.

prettyprophet: Hey Ink, shut the hell up. I want some more translators here, yaoi or not.

Killer Ink: Overcomplications.

prettyprophet: How else are we going to do that other Gamerz Heaven? Where’s your inner completionist?

Killer Ink: And Melancholic Automaton has to be continued at the end.

nde: I don’t think any continuations have been written yet.

prettyprophet: Point is, Anonygoo x Randy Rabbit x Kagetora, Fate/stay hentai, Sella x Shirou (kind of) with Ilya the quasi-loli pulling all the strings.

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