Kiken Shisou’s [Princess Fall Down ~ Fragment One]

Everything's better with broken haughty princesses

“Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but she’s actually quite kind.

Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother’s footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after her mother’s gang of lovable swabbies.

Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden beneath the waves of the Great Sea.”

prettyprophet: Oh man, my head’s killing me. Kiken Shisou’s “Princess Fall Down”, Fragment One. Ancient commission from AlienMeIA, scanlated into fine english for you by the Randy Rabbits.

funny_bunny: “The Fall of the Pirate Princess”! You may remember Kiken Shisou from such circles like DANGEROUS THOUGHTS! But worry not, Kiken Shisou is but merely DECADENT. And AHEGAO, PAT, AHEGAO!

prettyprophet: So it’s a short thing about mind-breaking a pirate into a sex slave, you know, as per usual for tentacle rape. Oh, and she’s got cock.

funny_bunny: It’s not just tentacles and futa month, it’s SEA SLIME!

prettyprophet: Everyone remember how Funbuns wrote that Megaten erotica with Slime-Mara x Angel?

funny_bunny: I enjoyed EVERY stroke of EVERY letter that I struck.

prettyprophet: Anyways, what really throws me off in this thing is the whole cowboy hat.

funny_bunny: Is nice hat!

prettyprophet: That and the fourth page. Notice how her belly inflates? Then next page, back to normal.

funny_bunny: Dost Prophet SEE slime slushing about in the Pirate Princess’ pussy?

prettyprophet: No, and that’s what’s fucked. They just disappeared? It’s slime, yo. Don’t you think there’d be residue?

funny_bunny: Why, I’ve not been sexed up by slime! …Mayhaps we should try? FOR SCIENCE!

prettyprophet: Also, for all you porno connoisseurs, you MAY just notice that this pirate, she’s shaved. Ain’t that rarity in Japanese porn?

funny_bunny: AlienMeIA, bravo on you for tackling these visual kinks!

prettyprophet: I’m so glad no one reads these posts anymore.

funny_bunny: But Prophet, you’ve not shame regardless!

prettyprophet: Well, nah, I still don’t like having to have a whole “porn talk” with Duck or…….well, mainly Duck.

funny_bunny: SEE?? If you were in ANY other group, those PURITANS would judge ye most foul! Not so with the Rabbits!

prettyprophet: That’s right! So readers, join the fuck up! Discuss your most disgusting fantasies while I secretly call up Interpol!

funny_bunny: Then you will be imprisoned with moi! And we shall have such lovely prison playtime!

prettyprophet: And sold off in a slave auction.

funny_bunny: YOU WILL BE BROKEN.

prettyprophet: Like Ghost got broken translating this thing, short as it was.

funny_bunny: And now Ghosty is the most wonderful sex spirit!

prettyprophet: Which is why he ain’t tling right now, right?

funny_bunny: MAYHAPS.

prettyprophet: Alright, whatever. Kiken Shisou, “Princess Fall Down – Fragment One”. I think AlienMeIA mentioned a bunch of other chapters to this thing; we’ll see if he wants the Rabbits to do the rest………given our rate, probably not. Not sure if this series is a continuation to what Saha did, seeing how it’s not exactly given a chapter number. Eh, don’t matter, for now it’s a oneshot since one chapter’s all we’ve done.


prettyprophet: And we’re the Good.

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5 Responses to “Kiken Shisou’s [Princess Fall Down ~ Fragment One]”

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  2. 3333h says:

    Hi guys, thanks a lot for this release.
    Uhm, just for giving you some info, this is related to SaHa’s one, as chapter from a long story arc named PRINCESS FALL DOWN.

    All the chapters was recollected in a tankoubon (same name, Princess Fall Down) plus other stories.
    プリンセスフォールダウン -堕落姫-
    [Chapter.Prelude / Chapter.1 ~ 3/ Chapter.Fragment / Chapter.4 ~7]
    but sadly, not RAW is available yet.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  3. prettyprophet says:

    Yeah, the commissioner mentioned them…..not sure if he’s got them or not.

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  5. Mike says:

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