Darabuchidou’s [NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER]

What a nasty empress

“I’ve never felt like so miserable
I’ve never felt like thinking this will last forever
Baby stay with me
You gotta tell me your love came all over me

prettyprophet: “NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER – Mitsuru Only Play”, circle Darabuchidou, artist Darabuchi. Brolen x Rabbits aka TEAM PYRO joint. Suck on it, boys. That’s Brolen, holstein, Pat, Lavie, and myself. Team Pixie, you’re an embarrassment to scanlation, get the fuck out.

Anyways, continuation of “P3;TRIO”. Pat says that Little White Butterflies did the doujinshi in between………and surprise surprise, she’s right. “SLAVE P3;TRIO AFTER”, get it from them……..that one was just Yukari impregnation with some old fat fuck. “NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER”, on the other hand, is Mitsuru getting fucked senseless from shadow tentacles and…….Gigas. A lot of them. Not sure if they’re Furious Gigas or Daring Gigas or whatever, but yeah. Seeing how they’re like shadow-Hulk-Hogans, I guess this could count as old men gangfucking Mitsuru. Hey! This isn’t really a rape doujinshi since she’s just accepting her true self, right? Oh, and cameos from Yukari, Fuuka, FeMC, and Chiriho. Elizabeth ain’t in this because she’s too busy raping Thanatos’ ass.

Personal highlight of this doujinshi: a shadow with a xenomorph cock. You’ll know when you see it.

“NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER”, Persona 3 (Portable) hentai doujinshi, Darabuchidou, Darabuchi, Brolen, Randy Rabbits, Team Pyro. Translated and scanlated into English well before Funny and Ghost could release a single damn thing. Megaten Year, bitches.

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8 Responses to “Darabuchidou’s [NASTY P3;TRIO AFTER]”

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  2. Nashrakh says:

    Nice one.

    Was thinking of doing this one too, but I’m glad you took it up on yourselves. Artist kicks ass and so do you guys.

    Any plans on doing more from this doujinshi series? (If you could even call it a series, though)

  3. prettyprophet says:

    Well, to be honest, I pushed for this thing just to spite a couple of our own Rabbits. But yeah, I guess since we’ve done two now, may as well keep at it. If you want, LWB and the Rabbits can do a joint on the next, whenever it comes out.

  4. Nashrakh says:

    Joint sounds good to me, actually.

    Still a ways to C80, you okay with older stuff if I get around to it? (I guess I’m the only one at LWB interested in this)

  5. prettyprophet says:

    Rabbits are down with any joint. I’ll send you an email to talk shop.

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