Escargot Club’s [Bitch & Fetish]

Bayonetta x Jeanne is SWEETEST PAGANISM

“Let’s hug it out, bitch.”

funny_bunny: Bayonetta doujinshi! It’s HOT HOT HOT YURI FUTA FUCKING! Bayonetta x Jeanne x JOY the BDSM Angel, courtesy of Escargot Club‘s “Bitch & Fetish”! Jyubaori Marshmellow did a part and that is the artist behind ALICE IN SEXLAND! Truly wondrous, no? AND THAT IS ALL BECAUSE THE OTHER PARTS ARE UGLY AND NOT BEAUTIFULLY DECADENT. Anonymous Scanner x Randy Rabbits joint scanlation! RELEASE WAR ON PYROS! TEAM LITTLE PIXIES!

Any comments, dear nde?

prettyprophet: Fuck your face.


prophet edit: funny you dumbfuck, you fucked up the filename. ……….Fuck it.

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10 Responses to “Escargot Club’s [Bitch & Fetish]”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same doujin that was translated by Yuribou for doujin-moe a while back?

  3. JukanX says:

    @Anon: the very same; I’ve yet to compare the two in order to decide which one to keep.
    BTW they did the sequel too…

  4. JukanX says:

    Ah, and thanks for the release guys and girls.
    PS: every time I misread Passing Fancy as Pissing Fancy… Proof that too much hentai is bad for you, lol.

  5. prettyprophet says:

    Anon, JukanX: ……….this was already translated? Ugh, Funbuns, you fucking idiot.

    JukanX: I wouldn’t be surprised if Pissing Fancy’s an actual site.

  6. the DemiUrge says:

    I’ve just compared both translations. The Doujin-Moe translation was great when it came out, because my Japanese is lacking, and it was a quick fix for the Bayonetta crack-addict that I am, but this Double R release is just fantastic!

    A direct translation is alright, but the ones done in a natural tone show that the translator has a spirit. So, as long as it’s not a blasphemous rewrite I’m down with it.

    The proof here is in the details. The references seem accurate to the Bayonetta mythos and the sentence structures don’t read awkward, feel robotic or sound hollow. It’s clear whoever translated this is a fan of the game and a master of two languages.

    I can’t say that I’m a master of my own native tongue, so I can’t knock Yuribou’s great contribution, but I do give a big Thank You to the translators, and will be keeping both versions.

    Double R, please keep up the terrific work, and if you find other Bayonetta translations that could use a fine tuning, PLEASE go right ahead. Dude, you deserve a Platinum award, because “You’ve been naughty” in a very good way, and the real fans will always appreciate the extra effort to go back represent things right. – D’Urge out.

  7. prettyprophet says:

    ………….Well, that’s just going to encourage Funny further.

    But thanks for the appreciation.

  8. Nashrakh says:

    Haha, I actually had my hands on this too – until the DM version was leaked.

    Let’s say I was completely underwhelmed by the translation (so far off in places I couldn’t believe my eyes) but decided to not continue working on my own… time better spent on other stuff.

  9. prettyprophet says:

    Yeah, that’s my philosophy too. But hey, wasting time and resources, that’s how Rabbits roll.

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