Niku Drill’s [Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho]

Monster girls are all about the marriage

“So from their base when vying chariots pour,
Each driver presses on the car before,
Wastes not a thought on rivals overpast,
But leaves them to lag on among the last.
Hence comes it that the man is rarely seen
Who owns that his a happy life has been,
And, thankful for past blessings, with good will
Retires, like one who has enjoyed his fill.
Enough: you’ll think I’ve rifled the scrutore
Of blind Crispinus, if I prose on more.”

It’s the second edition of Niku Drill’s “Jingai Shunman”, as “Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho”…….which was previously known as “Jingai Haruman”. Mistranslation, but whatever, here’s the new edition with epilogues to both the spider girl and ant girl stories. Joint with Anonygoo, who translated it all and did the editing for the first half (spider). Barely did anything for this release, since the second half (ant) we already did a long while ago.

So yeah, monster girl x human boy sex that’s just a bit heartwarming. Toumasu/Toumas, you’re a pretty good guy. I guess this works for Valentine’s Day coming up?


At Anonygoo

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