09factory’s [How do you like wednesday?]

always with the quivering

“A snake came crawling, it bit a man.
Then Woden took nine glory-twigs,
Smote the serpent so that it flew into nine parts.
There apple brought this pass against poison,
That she nevermore would enter her house.”

“Blue Submarine no. 6″ hentai doujinshi by circle 09factory, artist Oohara Kyutarou, featuring Mutio and Hayami. It’s short as all hell and it’s the debut of thegeneral, our new translator. Funny thing, with this, we’ve got more translators than editors………..so if anyone wants to help out, ring me up at pr.rabbit [at] gmail [dot] com.

And in hindsight, maybe we should’ve released this on Wednesday. Eh, fuck it.

Don’t forget, vote for ak at the Aniblog Tourney. He’s a Rabbit. Ain’t that all the endorsement you need?



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