Niku Drill’s [Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho]

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Monster girls are all about the marriage

“So from their base when vying chariots pour,
Each driver presses on the car before,
Wastes not a thought on rivals overpast,
But leaves them to lag on among the last.
Hence comes it that the man is rarely seen
Who owns that his a happy life has been,
And, thankful for past blessings, with good will
Retires, like one who has enjoyed his fill.
Enough: you’ll think I’ve rifled the scrutore
Of blind Crispinus, if I prose on more.”

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Niku Drill’s [Jingai Haruman 2]

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You know, I bet some dumbass put ants on his dick before

“E’en so the ant (for no bad pattern she),
That tiny type of giant industry,
Drags grain by grain, and adds it to the sum
Of her full heap, foreseeing cold to come:
Yet she, when winter turns the year to chill,
Stirs not an inch beyond her mounded hill,
But lives upon her savings: you, more bold,
Ne’er quit your gain for fiercest heat or cold:
Fire, ocean, sword, defying all, you strive
To make yourself the richest man alive.”

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POC’s [Shokuou]

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King Lord Tentacles!

“But, gallants, have a care, faith, what you do.
The world, which to no man his due will give,
You by experience know you can deceive,
And men may still believe you vigorous,
But then we women—there’s no cozening us.”

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BODLEY HEAD’s [Millefeuille]

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Philosophy in the Mind of the Maid

“Indeed, and to be still happier, let her employ the greater and the lesser at once; let the voluptuous jars wherewith she will agitate him who encunts her serve to precipitate the ecstasy of the other who buggers, and, drowned in the fuck of the two, let her loose her own as she dies of pleasure.”

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Release Zero – Chapter 4 ~ "Peony Pavilion"

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“The path does not belong to the perception world, neither does it belong to the non-perception world. Cognition is a delusion and non-cognition is senseless. If you want to reach the true path beyond doubt, place yourself in the same freedom as sky. You name it neither good nor not-good.”

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Bodley Head – Millefeuille

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Maids make men MANIC

Notre héroïne avait dix-sept ans lorsqu’elle se présenta chez M. Rodin, maître de la pension de Saint-Marcel. Ses attraits, mieux développés, offraient encore plus de charmes ; toute sa personne avait, malgré ses chagrins, acquis un genre de perfection qui la rendait vraiment une des plus jolies filles qu’il fût possible de voir.”

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