Liberty, Lunacy, Love

February, 2008:

Happoubi Jin ~ Sweet Body Ch. 03

Booberella has boobs like these

“You bet your sweet bippy.”


IMPORTANT: Today is Cheesecake Day


…and it is also the day of The Rabbit Reich establishment. I suppose it’s also Valentine’s Day, but no one pays much attention to the Christian saints, except for funny_bunny and his dedication to St. Cecilia.

Ignoring that, it is now a new era. The Great Purge has occurred via holstein’s hands and the Reich is composed of Rabbits who’ve survived. Forgive me for sounding completely ridiculous; certain individuals insist on filling neophytes in on the turbulent times of the Rabbits, “rich in disasters, frightful in its wars, torn by civil strife, and even in peace full of horrors”. And since the veil of anonymity is now cast aside, those individuals are funny_bunny and prettyprophet, with Lavie Rhap quoting Tacitus.