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GO!GO!KING! ~ chaise des rois (Ragnarok Online)

RO rabbits have families too

“I was such a child, and so little, that frequently when I went into the bar of a strange public-house for a glass of ale or porter, to moisten what I had had for dinner, they were afraid to give it me. I remember one hot evening I went into the bar of a public-house, and said to the landlord: ‘What is your best – your very best – ale a glass?’ For it was a special occasion. I don’t know what. It may have been my birthday.”

prettyprophet: Raws. funny wanted to put them on Villa Leporidae, but then decided here was better.

funny_bunny: Then they’re RABBIT RAWS! Aren’t I clever?

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, definitely. Buying tons of random shit when you can’t afford it…you’re real brilliant.

funny_bunny: It’s ok, it’s all for the Reich.

prettyprophet: Stop with the originals and get some weird ass shit next time.

funny_bunny: Done and done!

prettyprophet: And no porn. Unless it’s REALLY good, because I’m not editing boring material.

funny_bunny: So make sure they’re loaded with wet and wild orgies.

prettyprophet: Aside from that Linda one, they were shit. YOUR INSTINCT SUCKS.

funny_bunny: What nonsense! My instinct brought us the deliciousness that is Fusion Junction!

prettyprophet: Which you’ll never scan.

funny_bunny: Fufu, nope.

prettyprophet: Alright kids, this here’s a Ragnarök Online doujin bit by the circle/artist who we PRESUME to be called GO!GO!KING! His/her site’s up in the Villa Leporidae links. It’s NOT PORN, so back off perverts. Also, NOT TRANSLATED. It’s RAW but it doesn’t matter because it’s mostly textless. And aside from the fact that it’s RO, most Rabbits don’t know shit about it. I don’t do MMO, funny doesn’t do MMO. I think one person played RO…one of funny’s contacts?

funny_bunny: Yep! And he says YEAH IT’S RO. But he says it’s also not very TRUTHFUL TO THE GAME.

prettyprophet: Because MMOs are grinding shitfests. This doujinshi is…cute stuff.

funny_bunny: SOOTHING TO THE SOUL.

prettyprophet: funny, this inspire you to start up SBSB2D again?

funny_bunny: NOPE! Not until later, that is.

prettyprophet: Folks, rumor has it that funny’s seeing someone.

funny_bunny: Yep yep! YOU.

prettyprophet: Oh, funny! That makes me so happy! Come, let us waltz away under the blessed watch of Luna!

funny_bunny: And we shall cut through the undead hoards that dare oppose our freedom-loving ways!

prettyprophet: Fuck off, grasshopper.

funny_bunny: I want Left 4 Dead.

prettyprophet: Me too. So chaise des rois. It’s 30 pages. Scanned at 300dpi, resized to 1500 width. Untranslated. There’s one NSFW frame near the end. Whoop-di-fucking-do.

funny_bunny: It’s LOVE. The doujin is LOVE.

prettyprophet: Anyways, you guys can catch us all at AX next week. We got a booth in the Artist’s Alley and we’re selling Etrian Odyssey yaoi. Pft, that’ll be the day.

funny_bunny: I wish we did!

prettyprophet: Oh god, so do I. We’d be kicked out the first hour.

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  1. animekritik says:

    That was a really cool doujin. How about changing your name to Chaise de Lapins? Anyway, thanks.

  2. prettyprophet says:

    No way, we’re the RR. Can you believe that no scan group used the ‘RR’ acronym? Like hell we’ll ever give it up.

    …but you know what? I’m gonna start calling us the Chaise de Lapins regardless. All great things need more than one name.

  3. animekritik says:

    how ’bout Cotton Tales? anyway, if you need help with J to E translating let me know.

  4. prettyprophet says:

    You translate? And you haven’t been eaten alive by the scan/sub scene yet? And now you’re offering HELP? To US, of all people?

    Anyways, yeah, I’ll hit you up to talk shop.

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