Liberty, Lunacy, Love

September, 2008:

ACHTUNG: Ride on Shooting Star

Dirty ridin

Haruhara Haruko at your service.


One Day – Ch. 03


“The Moslem orphan went with her protector,
For she was homeless, houseless, helpless; all
Her friends, like the sad family of Hector,
Had perish’d in the field or by the wall:
Her very place of birth was but a spectre
Of what it had been; there the Muezzin’s cal
To prayer was heard no more! — and Juan wept,
And made a vow to shield her, which he kept.”


One Day ~ Ch. 02

UNKNOWN flower

Etna: Those seemingly innocent Prinnies…it turns out they were hiding a big secret!
Prinny: It wouldn’t be a secret if it wasn’t hidden, dood.
Etna: When the Prinnies’ evil spirits join as one, they form Pringer X, the mighty super robot!!
Prinny: Dood, we can’t do that…
Etna: Here goes! Pringer Spiral Plasma Chop! Gotcha! Pringer Aurora Triangle Kick!! This is it! Pringer Spinning Drill Attack!!!
Prinny: Uh, dood, hello…
Etna: Next on Lovely Mad Scientist Etna, Episode 8: Farewell, Pringer X!
Prinny: Dood!? You’re killing us off!?
Etna: No worries! Pringer X will be reborn as the more powerful Pringer Z!
Prinny: I’m tellin ya, it ain’t gonna happen, dood.