Liberty, Lunacy, Love

One Day – Ch. 04

The Beautiful World

“O Muse! Spout forth the semen from our lips,
To seed our tale’s ocean with endless ships.
We sing of rabbits, not arms and the man,
That spoke even before the world began.
Rabbits on the moon, rabbits getting drunk,
“What’s up, Doc?”, and claiming the crown of crunk.
Nihil ex nihilo, we are legion;
Libertines, tyrants, discord; all are kin.
Give us your self, for we are absolute;
Dance! Dance! as we play our impious flute.
Ah, but now is not the time for such things;
Before you, are there not eternal springs?
Just pray to us, like a proper leech should,
For we are divine and we are the Good.”


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Rabbits love Remnant Warriors!


  1. TOATA says:

    Thanks for another chapter! No commentary this time eh?

  2. prettyprophet says:

    Nah, even though this was a quasi-anniversary post, even though it took over a MONTH to edit, the release was still rushed as fuck…since none of us realized the 9th was the Republic’s start-date. Well, Ink realized it and then Funbuns is all, “WE NEED TO RELEASE SOMETHING.”

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