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Mito’s [chaise des rois]


“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I feel so damn lonely, won’t someone kill me?! And many more!”

prettyprophet: You know, I’m not one to publicly announce birthdays because, you know, why the fuck should people care? But I’m going to make an exception here, especially since this idiot felt like telling the world mine and nde’s. So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUNBUNS, YOU FUCK.

Lavie Rhap: May your persona continue to grow.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, if you’ll look at this post…see? We can do shit just fine without you. Bet you didn’t see this coming! But again, that’s because you’re an idiot.

Lavie Rhap: Like the previous release, this was a Rabbit Raw. Once our new translator, ak, came along, it seemed apt to make magic. Pay a visit to his blog here. Of particular interest is his translations of artists’ blogs, such as Yoshitoshi Abe’s entry describing dreams he’s had. But now we return to our impish fuehrer…who has disappeared.

prettyprophet: Haven’t seen him since yesterday. He posted a sign on our door saying, “DON’T LOOK FOR ME.” Either he finally snapped and ran off into the night…or he’s out with Honey and his other posses. Whatever, he’ll come back at like, midnight and be all, “Let’s play Resistance 2 until the sun rises!!!” Which is pretty much what we did on Christmas night.

Lavie Rhap: I was sleeping early because…it was a very long day.

prettyprophet: Yeah, Lavie’s not even in the same city as us right now. Which is a fucking shame because I miss her terribly.

Lavie Rhap: I’ll be back for at New Year’s.

prettyprophet: You better. Oh, time to give Funny random birthday messages from random Rabbits:

Peking Duck: I hope you’re even crazier for next year.

7672359440: I want to encase you in marble.

Trojan: Man, let’s play some SFIV. Wait, Whopper, was that out yet?

Whopper: No. Dumbass. Funny, I still have to fix your harddrive. Remind me.

Nate-Dawg: 30-1. It’s gonna FUCKING ROCK HARDCORE.

D: Please don’t send me anymore weird shit.

Bug Prince: I got sandwiches for you.

piss o baal: FUCK.

La_Creame: Hey, Funny, you owe me a lunch. But since it’s your birthday, I’ll let it pass.

Emily: Come to HK and I’ll get you a PIXIE COSTUME. REVEALING TOO.

edthefucker: FUCK OFF FAGGOT.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Funbuns! ENJOY FOLKLORE!!!

Killer Ink: You don’t need me to wish you happiness.

nde: Check your email.

prettyprophet: Ah, Funny. You’re so fucked up.

Lavie Rhap: We’ll play the Persona 4 OST all day, just for you.

prettyprophet: Oh, and to our readers as well: RO doujinshi. It’ll make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe turn you on. Funny loves the fuck out of this doujinshi, despite the fact that he HATES RO.

Lavie Rhap: I played a bit of Ragnarok Online. It wasn’t all too bad.

prettyprophet: Yeah, but what the fuck do you know about MMOs?

Lavie Rhap: Hm, socialization devices?

prettyprophet: I’m talking actual GAME.

Lavie Rhap: Well, in that case…

prettyprophet: Doesn’t matter. Everyone, ROCK THE FUCK ON. Funny, doubly so for you.

Lavie Rhap: Keep pursuing your true self!

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  1. Anatasia says:

    Well happy birthday to you

  2. funny_bunny says:

    And happy birthday in advance to you, amicable Anatasia!

  3. TOATA says:

    Dang, haven’t been on the internet since Dec. 21st and of course, next day there are updates haha. Happy belated Birthday!! Long live the PS3 hahaha

  4. prettyprophet says:

    Toat’s, that’s called fate, and it’s fucking with you. Fuck back!

    And the PS3 better live, I just got this thing, dammit.

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