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IMPORTANT: Please Download Revised Pages Fixing Critical Errors

This isn't Lavie at all but people will think it is because all I have to do is make the post author her. AHAHAHA, ABUSE OF POWER.

Hello, this is Lavie Rhap and I regret to inform you that we’ve made several errors in recent releases. While not wholly unexpected, it was certainly predicted by our pretty Prophet, and as such, the prophecies have come to pass. Upon further audit and review, Sweet Body, Korean Illustration, One Day, Not Enough Sadness in Love, formcode, and My Street were not up to proper satisfactory release standards. If you’ve downloaded any of those, it is imperative that you acquire the fixed pages here:

On Mediafire
On Rapidshare

Included are also improvements to other minor yet noticeable errors that we’ve come across in other projects. Since we’ve done that much extra work, friend reader, you ought to be thanking us extra hard, yes?

This was all really my idea since the rest of the Rabbits are utterly useless. How true.

Honestly, Funny is obsessing and pleasuring himself over digital idols, nde is writing erotic grotesque and forcing elderly war veterans to read it, Ink is raping innocent sheep hither and tither, Barbarossa blogs nothing but anti-Caucasian tracts, ak corrupts the youth with his blasphemous philosophies, Aerith’s Bitch burns a million quid everyday on worthless paintings (which are then burned in fire), Peking Duck is married to gigantic cock, Princess Tea beheads commoners to satiate her carnal lusts, knein exposes himself to Australian tourists, Crunchy is an American Idol, Prophet is secretly assisting the PRC and plots the Dalai Lama’s death, Patty is dying from a hardened flood of bukkake, and Ed is just too sexy.

Ah, I tire of my mask of chaste kindness! This position of power is not fit for I! It is simply not enough. Shall I be a Lepidus? Nay, there can only be one. Prophet? Is she truly so pretty? Of course not; she is but of the filthy Orient while in me flows the blood of Muscovy. And “Chief Funbuns”? What of his so-called “funniness”? Hmph, to call him “funny”, only that concept is laughable.

I declare, 1000 Rabbits are 999 Rabbits too many. I am Lavie Rhap and the Rabbits are MINE.

~~This post was brought to you by: Wikipedia <3<3


  1. animekritik says:

    hey, i resent that. i don’t corrupt the youth, i enlighten them. (btw, could you send me some more young uns? I’m kinda running low for the spring sacrifice. teutonic kids preferably..)

  2. zerzize says:

    hey why dont u try online reading… a lot easier.

    i usually use [link removed and replaced with this]~~ fyi

    [prophet edit: Hey, Magna Carta 2's finally getting released! Fuck, I hated that game so much.]

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