Liberty, Lunacy, Love



So pretty, so broken.

prettyprophet: Bigass list!

Lavie Rhap: That’s quite a bit. You might also want to explain the title.

prettyprophet: Yeah, that’ll need some clarification. Anecdote time! Background info: HERZOG works at this restaurant; it’s an ok place, too expensive for me. HERZOG been planning to leave for a while since he’s moving soon. Another friend of ours just started working there a month ago. One of the managers is a dick. [PROPHET NOTE: this is actually where I stopped typing; I decided I'd write it up later...and here it is. Ignore up to where Lavie starts talking again if you want to skip.]

So a bunch of us go there since all our finals finished since everyone’s peacing out, like Lavie, she’s back at her home. Blah blah, we eat, our friend, who I’ll call “Salinas”, is the guy serving us, we talk, we laugh, whatever. Another friend…..actually I think I mentioned her way back, let me check…yeah, “Jacko”, orders a milkshake for dessert and few other people order stuff too. Salinas brings our shit…then accidentally knocks the milkshake over. Spills on the table, wasn’t a big mess though. “Oh Salinas, you clumsy fucker” we say but it’s not like we cared since Salinas is a nice kid. Salinas is like, “Don’t worry, I’ll get you another one.”

Second he turns around, that manager swoops right in front of him and starts giving him a dressing down. It wasn’t yelling…but it was that really annoying passive-aggressive bullshit where he’s talking quiet and calm but it’s obviously loud enough so other people care hear him, thus embarrassing Salinas. But there was only two other tables in the place aside from our three…and we, being Salinas’ friends, don’t give a shit if he fucks up. Jacko goes, “No, it’s ok, I’m not angry.” And Whopper’s like, “Maybe you should lay off Salinas, see if he stops fucking up.” Then the manager goes, “No, Salinas has to learn how to be a team player.” which sounds terribly retarded in the corporate world; imagine hearing that in a restaurant.

I guess HERZOG was listening in on this because right then, he storms out of the kitchen and bellows, “Fuck yo’ FACE.” And, my favorite part, he grabs Salinas and says, “I quit this shit.” And he pulls Salinas out with him. Funny, Trojan, Nate, they start laughing their asses off, and go pay the bill. Rest of us do the same. I don’t know if the next part was just coincidence or what, but as we left, I saw the other two tables pay and leave too…so I like to think that we pretty much cleared out the entire restaurant.

Now HERZOG’s going off somewhere…into another country and Salinas is unemployed. End of story. [PROPHET NOTE: going back to the actual log now so ignore my next line]

prettyprophet: Eh, no need. I’ll take it off Ed.

Lavie Rhap: Should we get back to Rabbit business?

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, we released a ton of shit.

Lavie Rhap: We looked at April 2008 and decided to surpass that lukewarm month.

prettyprophet: Wasn’t that hard now that we’ve got our A-Team. ak, Japanese translator, alphabetsoup, Chinese translator, a few new cleaners, and……the rest of us. Yo, join up, we still need more.

Lavie Rhap: Um, Prophet…sorry, but I’ll have to leave you now.

prettyprophet: Well, fuck.

Lavie Rhap: Is nde available?

prettyprophet: Nah, he’s off with Funny and Ink. That’s fine, I don’t think we have much to say.

Lavie Rhap: I’ll see you later then. To our readers who may have missed them, enjoy our releases!

prettyprophet: Peace out Rhap….and since I’m like, alone right now…I’ll just write that anecdote.

[prophet edit]Oh shit, I almost forgot, you know how we’re asking for translators and cleaners all the time? Yeah, we REALLY need them. I don’t think any of us want the Rabbits to turn into a porno-only group…but considering how many hentai scripts we got…seriously, what the fuck? I have no direct interest in that. We can do more; we WILL do more. But we’re going to need your help. Tell your friends, tell your grandparents, get involved because we need the resources to keep going. C’mon, do you want a pussyfoot occupation with occasional releases of the superflat and 8-page doujinshi or do you want total fucking war featuring volumes of tripped out Cat Soup-esque nightmares alongside 100% decadence? Your call.

Now we’re all damn exhausted after working on all this……but keep watching those Rabbit holes because we’ll be popping in and out every so often. What’s coming next? Naruto chapter? Another Valkyria doujinshi? 600 page essay on Borges? Hey, we’re Rabbits; anything’s possible.

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