Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Yoshitoshi Abe's [I Am an Alien. I Have a Question.] ~ Ch. 01

I Am Alien, Hear Me Roar

CAKE FOR YOU tabetene konyawa
TEA FOR YOU seijyo no ochakan
LOVE FOR ME tenshi no CHORUS kimi ni wa sora mimi
Suki da yo suki da yo rakuen”

Kawaii Pattycakes: Everyday Young Life Tiramisu!

Mori: I have nothing to do with this.

prettyprophet: We could’ve talked about this release, what with our love for Abe and all…but fuck it, Persona 4.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I like P4 more than P3!

Mori: Don’t type what I say.

prettyprophet: An alien that questions is CAKE.

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  1. Mindflayer says:

    You really like your Persona videos, don’t you?

    This new project looks interesting. Thank you.

    I figured it out, too, by the way, but Ireally hope that, if I ever encounter an alien, it won’t try to measure my intelligence through number games.

  2. prettyprophet says:

    Actually, I just wanted to use the P4 Azumanga at some point……..and Funny ran off and did a P3 deluge first. So to make it even, here’s MY deluge. Basically stuff you wouldn’t want to show an alien.

    There ARE more chapters to Abe’s Alien deal but no one can seem to find them. If someone can, please, send them over.

  3. tjp says:

    Awesome release. Made my day. Thanks.

  4. MJ says:

    Awesome. I really hope you continue to scan this. Thought it was really fun.

  5. funny_bunny says:

    There will be another release when Persona 5 vids come out. Fo shizzle!

  6. What the hell, there are four pages missing form this release! In between him texting his sister and yelling get out are 4 more pages!

  7. prettyprophet says:

    Yeah, the raws somehow were missing those and we just found out ourselves not too long ago. v2 release’ll be soon.

  8. [...] Yoshitoshi Abe’s ‘I Am an Alien, I Have a Question’, chapter 1. [...]

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