Liberty, Lunacy, Love

July, 2009:

ACHTUNG: WTF Month Campaign Disaster!

Nice WTF

The fat princess must become the sugarless girl. MUZiC, double-you-tee-eff??!!


Usamaru Furuya’s [Plastic Girl]

This is Plastic

“integureito sepereito futatsubu no aji ga
mikkusu koraboreito oishiku mazaru no
tottemo fushigi foomeishon ai kotoba wa tada hitotsu ‘purasuchikku’
integureito sepereito futatsu no karaa de
mikkusu koraboreito omekashi sita nara
tottemo fantajikku tookyoo
raboratorii kara umareta purasuchikku gaaru”


Sadomi – Ch. 0019-0035

Have some food girls for spice

“Don’t go easy on ‘em, just ’cause they’re cute!!”


Sadomi ~ Ch. 0001-0018

no more erasers

“You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward it
Making momma so proud
But your voice is too loud

We like to watch you laughing
You pick the insects off plants
No time to think of consequences”


Firefly Inn ~ Ch. 05

The horror, the horror

Agathon: Didn’t you once write: “You love the light. Do you think your father doesn’t?”

Euripedes: I did.

Agathon: Then don’t expect anyone else to bear your burdens. We’d be mad. Keep your problems to yourself. Mishaps must be faced and squarely tackled, not wriggled out of.

Mnesilochus: Don’t tell me it was wriggling, arsehole, that got your bottom buggered and squarely backed?


Food Girls – Ch. 01-03

Strawberries taste Good

“Edible substances evoke the secretion of thick, concentrated saliva. Why? The answer, obviously, is that this enables the mass of food to pass smoothly through the tube leading from the mouth into the stomach.”


Rabbit Revelry: Say Hello, Rabbit-Chan

Hello, I am Rabbit-Chan!



Aya Takano’s [Space Ship EE]

Surf the starlight

“We know a place no spaceships go
We know a place where no subs go
Hey! No cars go
Hey! No cars go
Where we know”