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Nanako&! P4 Fan-fantasies!


Nanako Dojima x Yotsuba Koiwai! Massive Persona 4 spoilers inside (and Yotsuba&!, I guess)! Not an official release!

prettyprophet: Unsanctioned, unilateral movement……by me and nde. That’s right, for once it’s not fuckhead Funny releasing any ol’ thing. Course, we can still blame him for setting this off.

nde: It was because of the bonus “Nanako&!” end page in “Nda!”.

prettyprophet: Yeah, I saw these P4 parodies of Yotsuba&! before too, but I didn’t know they were translated. Oh, and Funny, it wasn’t done by the anonymous; just check the notes and they got names. Which we now added. It’s all on Danbooru……..and I don’t have a Pixiv account.

nde: We’re not doing them all, are we?

prettyprophet: Nah, just a few where the jokes work. Yo, since this is unofficial and we didn’t translate them ourselves; don’t go off announcing this on Mangaupdates. Anyways, here’s the first one that started this done by Funny:

This one stars Nanako (no shit), Kanji, and the Protagonist/Souji Seta. They’re all randomly taken from chapters, so we don’t ever get a full chapter-parody.

nde: Starring Nanako, Yosuke, and Naoto.

prettyprophet: Well then, Chie just got some heartbeat, heartbreak. Nanako tries to cheer her up.

nde: Nanako can’t ask help from Naoto.

prettyprophet: But hey, they’re all precocious in the end, ain’t they? Except maybe Yukiko. So yeah, this is as close as it gets to a single cohesive chapter……kinda.

nde: Maybe there’s more parodies not on Danbooru.

prettyprophet: Yo, P4 fans, go find it for us.

nde: This one was your favorite?

prettyprophet: Hell yeah, great last panel. And……that’s all we did for now.

nde: Where’s Rise?

prettyprophet: nde choo-choo-choosed Rise in his playthrough. Ain’t that cute?

nde: It seemed fitting.

prettyprophet: Thanks to Pat, Lavie, Duck, and Funny for doing a doujinshi that had the two romance links we chose. Bastards. Anyways, yeah, there’s NO Yotsuba&!-Rise. There’s the rest of the cast…even Fuuka and PHILEMON. No Rise. C’mon, what the fuck? Eh, whatever.

nde: This was our way of returning the favor for the two releases in our names.

prettyprophet: Chea, last year we just said thanks…….and now since all the Rabbit idiots raised the bar, gotta reply in kind.

nde: But thanks.

La Femme Nanako


  1. Fallen says:

    Awesome XD I didn’t know you did such cute side projects *laughs* Okay maybe I do X3

    Have you seen the 4Koma doujinshi of Persona 4 by Studio DNA? Seems like something up your alley X3

  2. prettyprophet says:

    Which one’s that? We got a bunch of Persona 4 doujinshi sitting on the back-burner…..hit me up with a link and we’ll see if we can get more P4 love.

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