Liberty, Lunacy, Love

ACHTUNG: Aw Yeah Rabbits!

Pleinair Devouring Usagi

Rabbits are rich with riboflavin!

Impromptu P4 Month

  • musuBi’s Nda! aka “What the Hell!” featuring most of the playable P4 cast. Non-sex P4 doujinshi. Dedicated to nde.
  • The Rabbits wish prettyprophet and nde happy birthdays.
  • Uguisuya’s Over the Rain! featuring Yukiko, Chie, Rise, and Shadows. P4 hentai doujinshi, with bonus untranslated 4-panel comics. Dedicated to prettyprophet.
  • Nanako&!, unofficially released with translations from Danbooru. Parody comic combining Persona 4 and Yotsuba&!. Six random pages.
  • Kei Toume’s Acony, Vol. 1 prologue chapters: “Open The Door”, “OTOMODACHI”, and “Faces ~Acony’s One Hundred Faces~”.
  • pageratta’s Sadomi, chapters 36-40. A commission from thismanoverthere.
  • SEINANSEINI KAGAYAKERUNOHOSHI’s Teddie’s Path To Adulthood featuring Teddie and Yukiko. P4 hentai doujinshi.
  • Nanako&!, unofficially released with translations from Danbooru. Parody comic combining Persona 4 and Yotsuba&!. Five random pages and three “10 years later” fanart pages.
  • Rabbit Retrospective: Plastic Girl. ak, Lavie Rhap, and prettyprophet talk about scanlating Usamaru Furuya’s Plastic Girl.
  • HARUTOMO’s Classic – Crap! I Screwed Up! featuring Rise and most of the playable cast. Non-sex P4 doujinshi. Dedicated to P4 Month.

prettyprophet: Thank you, Killer Ink.

Killer Ink: I’m going to stop typing now.

prettyprophet: Eh, you earned it.

Killer Ink: Ok.

prettyprophet: So yeah………P4 month. If anyone’s wondering why “Food Girls” or “My Street” didn’t get any releases…….this is why.

Kawaii Pattycakes: All because of Funny!

prettyprophet: Yeah. And some other idiots. Like Pat.

Lavie Rhap: I’ll have to admit some responsibility for the earlier releases.

prettyprophet: Some? Fuck off, more like all. To catch our readers up to speed……it was mine and nde’s birthday this month. Ok, ok, I know I was the one who started off the whole birthday release deal when I sprung one for Funny last year. That was a one-off thing to celebrate AK TRANSLATING for us, not just Funny. Well, Funny decides to run with that idea for practically all the main workcrew, skipping only Lavie (because I personally nixed that) and Ink (who could not care about doujinshi whatsoever). In hindsight, I fucked up and unleashed a plague. Why do I keep underestimating Funny’s resources? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW.

Alright, that’s off my chest.

Kawaii Pattycakes: But you liked these bonus gifts! Like PYRO JACK AND JACK FROST! Weren’t they so D’AWWWWWWW?

prettyprophet: I actually saw that off Mecha Fetus before but to have it in my hands…….well, that was surprising.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I wish it was guro.

prettyprophet: Oh, that’d make it so much more appealing to put on my wall.

Lavie Rhap: I can only imagine the trauma it would cause to your cousins.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Wait! So who’s wall is it going on? nde’s or yours!?

prettyprophet: Probably in the chillax room. Where else?

Kawaii Pattycakes: I say take it! And STOMP nde if he protests!

Lavie Rhap: Make fiction reality?

prettyprophet: Fiction? Cunt-Next-Door?

Kawaii Pattycakes: Where would I fall?

prettyprophet: Down a well.

Lavie Rhap: Ah, summer days…

Kawaii Pattycakes: They’re ending……..

prettyprophet: Hey, join the Rabbits. Join the IRC. Get us translators. Get us NAITO. FUCK.

Lavie Rhap: A number of us will be returning to classes soon, so forgive us if we seem on edge.

prettyprophet: I just quit the place I volunteered at. I think I’ll start being selfish again.

Kawaii Pattycakes: So that means more Valkyria doujinshi will be released.

prettyprophet: Valkyria yaoi, send it.

Kawaii Pattycakes: PLEASE SEND IT. And let’s talk about Pleinair!

Lavie Rhap: This post’s image was brought to you by Persona of Mecha Fetus.

prettyprophet: Another commission of ours from AX09, this one I knew about and sanctioned.

Lavie Rhap: Based off Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son.

prettyprophet: Always felt like that corpse’s a daughter, you know? Check that ass out.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Prophet’s so ecchi.

Lavie Rhap: If it is the case, Persona’s version is an even better inversion of the roles.

prettyprophet: That’s how Rabbits roll: gender bender assaults on your senses.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Click for bigger picture!

prettyprophet: I guess that’s it.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I’m playing KoF and Valkyria again and reading UDDUP!

prettyprophet: I started reading superhero comics again thanks to Lavie, Trojan, and Funny. Tiny Titans and Blue Beetle. Fucking rock. Oh, and I played Arkham. That was top-notch.

Lavie Rhap: I saw District 9 and Taking Woodstock. I’ve been reading China Mieville’s The Scar, Atsushi Kaneko’s Soil, and since Funny let me borrow it, the Power Girl 2006 TPB. Ah, I’ve also bought a DSi…but I only have Cooking Mama and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

nde: Are you talking about movies or books?

prettyprophet: All. Now list, damn you.

nde: “Devil Survivor”. “Uncharted”. “Soil”. “The Ravages of Time”. “Batman: Private Casebook”. “The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman”. “Coraline”. “Batman: The Animated Series”.

prettyprophet: I don’t think Ink wants to do this so fuck him. Alright, I’m done, peace out.

Lavie Rhap: See you all next month…which is tomorrow.

Kawaii Pattycakes: OKAMA MONTH!?

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