Liberty, Lunacy, Love

October, 2009:

ACHTUNG: Zig, Zig, Zig

Today the world belongs to Bunnicula

Danse with ze Rabbits!

  • Food Girls 04-05! Cream-chan and Banana-chan! Okama-chan!
  • Valkyria Chronicles doujinshi returns! Circle Suginami Sakura storming the beaches with “Squad 7: Pervert Women Detachment”! Features the title story and “Behind Her Big Breasts”! Lots of ACTION HENTAI! First ever Brolen joint release!
  • Haaaaa? More Brolen joint! Commissioned by SETEBOS! “Sunset Glow” is MONSTER HUNTER hentai doujinshi! Yoshu Ohepe!
  • Waaaaaaah! ANOTHER Brolen joint? ANOTHER Setebos commission? “Sweet Summer Peach”! Capcom vs. Snk 2 hentai doujinshi! CHUN-LI X ROCK HOWARD!
  • Back to Reich…with new series! GUN FRONTIER chapter 01! Leiji Matsumoto! SEXY SEXY BLAMY BLAMY! It’s the Wild Wet West!
  • Boy, Gun Frontier was just TOO manly! We need some lolipops…PSYCHO LOLIPOPS! Sadomi! Chapters 41-45! WRITTEN IN BLOOD.
  • Oh look, it’s a version 2…of “I Am an Alien. I Have a Question”! Yoshitoshi Abe! Missing pages from last time…not missing no more! GETS!
  • 30 DAYS OF OKAMA END! Cat’s World! New series! CATS!
  • BROLEN JOINT! SETEBOS COMMISSION! “Spring Strawberry Vol. 01″! Ichigo 100% hentai doujinshi! YOSHU OHEPE ONCE MORE!
  • Will all the YOSHU OHEPE end?? For this month, YES. “Summer Sakura”! Dead or Alive hentai doujinshi! DEAD OR ALIVE SUCKS.
  • Cowslip? Nay! REICH: Gun Frontier chapter 02! BLESS YOU FALLEN! BLESS YOU HARROKU!


Food Girls ~ Ch. 06

Old-timey talk represent

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”


Gun Frontier ~ Ch. 02

Gun ist Gut

“That weapon will replace your tongue. You will learn to speak through it. And your poetry will now be written with blood.”


Amazake Hatosyo-ten's [Summer Sakura]

Yoshu Ohepe's Summer Sakura

Get down to the CLUB!

Cat’s World ~ Ch. 01

The World is Cat

“On the third morning of the wanderers’ stay in Ulthar, Menes could not find his kitten; and as he sobbed aloud in the market-place certain villagers told him of the old man and his wife, and of sounds heard in the night. And when he heard these things his sobbing gave place to meditation, and finally to prayer. He stretched out his arms toward the sun and prayed in a tongue no villager could understand; though indeed the villagers did not try very hard to understand, since their attention was mostly taken up by the sky and the odd shapes the clouds were assuming. It was very peculiar, but as the little boy uttered his petition there seemed to form overhead the shadowy, nebulous figures of exotic things; of hybrid creatures crowned with horn-flanked disks. Nature is full of such illusions to impress the imaginative.”


Yoshitoshi Abe's [I Am an Alien. I Have a Question.] ~ Ch. 01 (Version 2)

What a big oops

“Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But god does it feel so good
‘Cause I got him where I want him right now
And if you could then you know you would
‘Cause god it just feels so…
It just feels so good”


Sadomi – Ch. 0041-0045

Bitches, LEAVE

“Let us give ourselves indiscriminately to everything our passions suggest, and we will always be happy…Conscience is not the voice of Nature but only the voice of prejudice.”


Gun Frontier ~ Ch. 01

Go West, Young Harlock

“You see, in this world, there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”


Food Girls ~ Ch. 04-05

Want Cream with your comic?

“Don’t you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?”