Liberty, Lunacy, Love

November, 2009:

Rabbit Retrospective: Good is Dead

Cass approves of cheesecake and Rabbits

Two years.


Sadomi ~ Ch. 0046-0050

Conflict is so pointless

“I find giants. I hunt giants. I kill giants.”


Hiroaki Samura’s [Brute Love]

One Thousand Nights of Love

“And now, friend-reader, you must prepare your heart and your mind for the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began, a book the likes of which are met with neither amongst the ancients nor amongst us moderns. Fancy, now, that all pleasure-taking either sanctioned by good manners or enjoyned by that fool you speak of incessantly, of whom you know nothing and whom you call Nature; fancy, I say, that all these modes of taking pleasure will be expressly excluded from this anthology, of that whenever peradventure you do indeed encounter them here, they will always be accompanied by some crime or colored by some infamy.”


Black Jack ALIVE – Naito Yamada’s [Blissful Donor]

Always bet on Black Naito

“The queen took fright and turned yellow and green with envy. From that hour on whenever she looked at Snow-White her heart turned over inside her body, so great was her hatred for the girl. The envy and pride grew ever greater, like a weed in her heart, until she had no peace day and night.”


My Street ~ Ch. 06


“Got a notion to say what doesn’t feel right
I just wanted to know if I could go home
So don’t knock it, don’t knock it, you’ve been here before
So don’t knock it, don’t knock it, you’ve been here before”


UNI-SEX’s [New World]

Foursome! FOURSOME!

“Hug me till you drug me, honey;
Kiss me till I’m in a coma:
Hug me, honey, snuggly bunny;
Love’s as good as soma.”


Kei Toume’s [Acony] Vol. 01

Acony with Acony Eyes

“Moong joong tsum yut fun joong po gun
Ngor joi sum lui but gum
Moong joong yun je fun joong ngor joi dung
Loi jai jo sum lui hing fun sum hing fun”


Nie Jun's [My Street] Vol. 01

Believe in angels and the dead

“Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?
kinou made erabarenakatta bokura demo
ashita wo matteru”