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Black Jack ALIVE – Naito Yamada’s [Blissful Donor]

Always bet on Black Naito

“The queen took fright and turned yellow and green with envy. From that hour on whenever she looked at Snow-White her heart turned over inside her body, so great was her hatred for the girl. The envy and pride grew ever greater, like a weed in her heart, until she had no peace day and night.”

prettyprophet: Huh, here comes another release. A bit of a special one, ain’t it?

Killer Ink: Isn’t Naito the artist you’ve been searching for?

prettyprophet: NAITO, FUCK YEAH!

Killer Ink: Fascinating.

prettyprophet: Hey, be a little more excited because it’s not just Naito Yamada……it’s Naito and Black fucking Jack.

Black Jackrabbit

prettyprophet: Oh, what’s this? Rabbit fanart from a Rabbit herself: Fallen, who stepped up to the plate and found us Naito all chop-chop after the rest of us failed.

Killer Ink: Not as if anyone looked in anthologies.

prettyprophet: Well, you should’ve.

Killer Ink: Or knew they existed.

prettyprophet: Pat should’ve. But she fucked up. Pat, you suck.

Killer Ink: Naito Yamada’s “Blissful Donor”, Osamu Tezuka’s “Black Jack Alive”.

prettyprophet: Uh, we’re not going to do anything else from it yet. Don’t get us wrong; that’s an awesome crew Tezuka wrangled up but we just don’t got the time for it. Hey, how about you guys JOIN US and make Black Jack come ALIVE?

Killer Ink: [explained the release flood]

prettyprophet: I’m gonna have to censor that out.

Killer Ink: Haven’t talked about it, then.

prettyprophet: Surprises, yo.

Killer Ink: Which they’ll discover tomorrow.

prettyprophet: nde, anything to say on THAT?

nde: It’s…agonizing.

Killer Ink: Hmph, accurate.

prettyprophet: Naito’s “Blissful Donor” Black Jack oneshot from Volume 2 of “Black Jack Alive”! Download. ak, Naito advocate, did the trans! Hit him up. Ink, take the last words for once.

Killer Ink: No thanks.

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  1. Fallen says:

    All I can say is cheers to more Naito! And more Black Jack!

    Heres hoping to that! And thanks for doing this ^^

  2. prettyprophet says:

    Hey, not like we could’ve done this without you.

  3. Fallen says:

    D: Didn’t I tell you to stop saying stuff like that D: ? You guys did all the work!

  4. prettyprophet says:

    And didn’t I tell you to stop saying stuff like THAT? People who contribute in any way: free pass to awesome.

  5. [...] Yamada’s “Black Jack” oneshot “Blissful Donor” from the “Black Jack Alive” anthology. The manga portion of our release [...]

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