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Hiroaki Samura’s [Brute Love]

One Thousand Nights of Love

“And now, friend-reader, you must prepare your heart and your mind for the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began, a book the likes of which are met with neither amongst the ancients nor amongst us moderns. Fancy, now, that all pleasure-taking either sanctioned by good manners or enjoyned by that fool you speak of incessantly, of whom you know nothing and whom you call Nature; fancy, I say, that all these modes of taking pleasure will be expressly excluded from this anthology, of that whenever peradventure you do indeed encounter them here, they will always be accompanied by some crime or colored by some infamy.”

prettyprophet: Let me make something very clear: should you, reader of this site, download this release, don’t you fucking dare complain about the content. I’d complain myself since I had to fucking stare at it……but I ain’t gonna. But YOU…’s your fair warning. Read “Bradherley’s Coach”? Yeah? Go ahead and download if you want. No? Stay the FUCK away.

Title: Brute Love aka Hitodenashi no Koi
Artist: Hiroaki Samura
ISBN: 9784870766549
Publisher: Izumi Comics
First Published: December 2006
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Original Language: Japanese
Translated: Yes
Pages: 105
Buy here: Yesasia

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prettyprophet: One: we know, they titled it “The Love of the Brute”. ak advised “Brute Love”, everyone agreed. That’s simpler and sounds better. Two: the scans are partially scanned by Funny and partially scanned by the anonymous (we assume it’s Gurochan); downloaded from Flying Teapot. This was because half of the old raws were crap so Funny redid them. Funny, do you have anything to say on this fantastic project from Samura?

funny_bunny: Yes. FOR THE REPUBLIC!

prettyprophet: Well, I have a lot to say…..but fuck it, I think I’ll keep mum on it for now.


prettyprophet: Right, Samura personally PLEADS you not to flaunt this artbook around. So why the fuck did we release it? Hey, we’re not flaunting “Brute Love” around. If you’re reading it, you WANT it. So that’s why I’m issuing warnings all over the place; I even used the ‘fucked up repugnant shit’ tag. Actually, I think this is the only time it’s been used.

funny_bunny: But it was surely inspired by a lovely post from the Rabbit Republic.

prettyprophet: Whatever, point is, Samura’s not stupid and neither are we. This isn’t some happy flowers and sunshine artbook; this ain’t even “Sweet Body”. A good number of people will NOT like this book. Christ, I don’t like this book.

funny_bunny: I do not NOT like this book. But that’s ok! RABBITS KEEP ROLLING.

prettyprophet: So don’t be an immature little prick wallowing around in this mess because you think that makes you hardcore. Samura’s telling you outright that this is not something ‘normal’. He recognizes it, you better fucking recognize it too. Goddammit, I’m getting angry; Lavie get the hell over here.

Lavie Rhap: Funny, do you think this project lives up to our Rabbit name?

funny_bunny: Yes. Yes I do. And then some!

Lavie Rhap: “Brute Love”, an erotic grotesque artbook endorsed…and not endorsed by the Rabbits.

prettyprophet: ak, you’re a good man for handling this.

funny_bunny: Blessings upon thee! Stay pure!

Lavie Rhap: I don’t believe we will touch upon the history of this release, will we?

prettyprophet: Nah, do it later.

Lavie Rhap: A retrospective will be written shortly…although that may possibly cover much more.

prettyprophet: Chea, it will.

Lavie Rhap: Happy anniversary to the Republican Era.

prettyprophet: Eat cake, kids.

funny_bunny: Good cake!


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  2. asdfffdsa says:

    I can only interpret this as a challenge.

  3. Fallen says:

    Here here asdfffdsa! I dare say they are challenging us ;)

  4. prettyprophet says:

    Man, I sounded really bitter in this…..but really, I was just tired after a few snags were hit.

    In all seriousness, I stand by Hiroaki’s statement: this isn’t meant to freak people out. And if it is, it’s because someone’s either shoving it in the faces of normals for a surprise (Ed, that fucker) or tempting others to read it (Funny, I fucking hate you).

  5. Thievs says:

    Mein Gott. This book is a bible.

    I’m currently writing a research paper since I’m completing my bachelor of fine arts, and this book is one of my main influences. Thank you for translating.

  6. SoWhite says:

    Much appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Fundefined says:

    You’re by far my second favorite scanlator. If that means anything to you. Thank you for the great work.

  8. prettyprophet says:

    Alright, now I have to know what it’ll take to be your first.

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  10. No Comment says:

    My mind feels just a tiny bit broken inside now.

  11. Thal says:

    I love all Samura sensei works!
    Thanks for the great works

  12. Voluptuary says:

    That was hard, hard, hardcore.

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