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Rabbit Retrospective: Good is Dead

Cass approves of cheesecake and Rabbits

Two years.

prettyprophet: Which is funny, because once you get down to it, the Rabbits actually only started scanlating less than a year ago.

Lavie Rhap: But we will never forget the Rabbit Republic.

prettyprophet: Nope, mainly because it’s a black mark in our history.

Lavie Rhap: What’s done is done.

prettyprophet: The REAL funny part is……me, Lavie…..majority of us, we didn’t even have much to do with “Robot” until halfway in.

nde: Sins.

Lavie Rhap: Would anyone consider Funny to be a patriarch?

prettyprophet: Well, whatever. The actual ‘anniversary’ is in February. This was more just like, ‘hey, remember the Republic and how we started all this shit?’

Lavie Rhap: Despite that fact, we decided to release a number of projects commemorating the event.

prettyprophet: Release flood, Rabbit style. With ACTUAL FUCKING ORDER, I might add. Take it away.

The Doujinshi

nde: It was “Persona 4″.

Lavie Rhap: “New World”, by circle UNI-SEX and artwork by Izumi Kirihara, of “Hitohira” fame.

prettyprophet: A NON-sex doujinshi with Brolen. Yeah, I know, we could’ve slipped in releases of hentai and yaoi to the release order….but fuck it.

Lavie Rhap: Contrary to what we do now, doujinshi was actually the last type of release we did.

prettyprophet: Though it was the FIRST Rabbit-only project scanlated (Ragnarok dj and that one with mecha-lolipops). You can thank ak for that.

The Manhua

Lavie Rhap: After a break, we’ve returned to Nie Jun’s “My Street”, volume two, a joint with our old ally, Illuminati-Manga. A happy anniversary to them as well!

prettyprophet: A break that lasted several months. To be fair to Funny, who I yelled at to no end to get it going, we all wanted a break from it anyways…..the break just kept getting longer.

Lavie Rhap: Manhua wasn’t the first type of scanlation we worked on, however…

The Manga

prettyprophet: Naito. Oh god, Naito.

Lavie Rhap: The elusive artist that we almost gave up on.

prettyprophet: But then Fallen came in……so not only did you get Naito, you got BLACK JACK at the same time. You know, even though I count this as a josei project…….we still haven’t done a straight up josei.

Lavie Rhap: Nor have we done shoujo, shoujo ai, yuri, or harem.

prettyprophet: That’s going by Manga-Updates, right?

nde: Smut.

Lavie Rhap: Shotacon?

prettyprophet: Yeah, you’d want that.

Lavie Rhap: Ah, and historical.

nde: There was Hetalia doujinshi.

prettyprophet: Tragedy? The fuck counts as tragedy?

Lavie Rhap: Perhaps it means in the classical tradition?

prettyprophet: “Contains events resulting in great loss and misfortune.” ……c’mon, that’s half of ‘drama’. Nah, more than half.

Lavie Rhap: Would that fit “Brute Love” under that category?

prettyprophet: “Brute Love”……Lavie, handle it.

The Artbook

Lavie Rhap: This was a very…interesting release.

prettyprophet: Yeah, ‘interesting’.

Lavie Rhap: Technically speaking.

prettyprophet: Technicals.

Lavie Rhap: It was originally considered to be the next project following “Sweet Body”. But “Sweet Body” suffered delays, which culminated in the ruin of Funny’s scanner.

nde: It should probably go off the ‘future’ page.

prettyprophet: Oh yeah, this is actually on that page, for all you puzzle solvers out there. That’s one down.

Lavie Rhap: Something that should be mentioned: it was preordered immediately upon announcement with full intent of scanning, proving that Funny does indeed have a plan…at times.

prettyprophet: Seriously, it was supposed to be the follow up to “Sweet Body”. Think about that.

Lavie Rhap: Doesn’t Funny have anything to say about this?

nde: Yes.

prettyprophet: And?

nde: Waiting for the right way to say it.

prettyprophet: Oh boy. Look forward to that, whenever that happens. Oh, and as I promised, let’s talk about the title.

Lavie Rhap: When a number of us first read “Brute Love”, our comments became centered on that.

prettyprophet: It was fucking Engrish. It wasn’t awful, awful Engrish…..but it was distracting.

Lavie Rhap: And concerning a certain project…Funny and nde decided to give it the label of “Brute Love”.

prettyprophet: Made even more hilarious by the fact that when ak translated it, even he recommended “Brute Love”.

Lavie Rhap: Personal choice was between “Brute Love”, “Brutal Love”, and “The Love of Brutality”.

prettyprophet: “Love of Brutality” got kicked out because it was too long. Wasn’t poetic.

Lavie Rhap: “Brute Love” became most preferred due to the fact that ‘brute’ could be used as both a noun and an adjective, in comparison to ‘brutal’.

prettyprophet: That was our rationale. Funny? “Two syllables.”

nde: Syllables matter.

prettyprophet: Hey, I ain’t saying they don’t. But man, looking back at the “Brute Love” post, I must’ve seemed like a real bitch.

Lavie Rhap: We actually haven’t discussed the content, have we?

prettyprophet: Ok, readers, you gotta understand a few things: “Brute Love” isn’t totally a Rabbit project. Neither is “Blissful Donor”. Or “My Street”. Or “New World”. See, it’s not just the projects that matter……it’s the release order.

Lavie Rhap: While the overall order for this flood was “newest to oldest”, ignoring “Robot”, we also mixed the genres as much as possible.

nde: Comedy, youth, love, sadism.

prettyprophet: Variety. It’s what Rabbits are all about.

Lavie Rhap: As for the content of “Brute Love”…

prettyprophet: I’ll have to say that I approve the book….and the release…..but fuck the content. Does that make sense?

Lavie Rhap: In your own way.

prettyprophet: And what do you think?

Lavie Rhap: In comparison to “Bradherley’s Coach”, “Brute Love” is less ‘gritty’…but more horrific.

prettyprophet: Now there’s an argument there within the Rabbits……Pat’s of the opinion that Bradherley’s worse because it states outright what’s going on……but that’s the exact reason why I think “Brute Love” transcends it.

nde: To be imaginative can be a curse.

prettyprophet: Now there are some parts where it’s obviously based off movies or books or whatever, but I don’t think that detracts from the effect.

Lavie Rhap: “Cannibal Holocaust” is the first to come to mind.

prettyprophet: Ink, on the other hand, was just impressed by the technicals of the thing……and I’m going to have to say I am too. I mean, if you look at a lot of the horror/guro comics, the art’s usually stark. We’re talking heavy blacks, heavy whites.

Lavie Rhap: There is also a sense of exaggeration; over-the-top visuals to overwhelm the reader.

prettyprophet: Don’t get me wrong, it can be damn good. But when I see that, I get a feeling of…….trashiness, I guess. Like “Litchi Hikari Club”.

Lavie Rhap: Granted, that is of the Tokyo Grand Guignol following.

nde: That could be applied to “Brute Love”.

prettyprophet: Like those two pages that got some sort of narration. Hey, bonus points to anyone who can figure out exactly what the fuck Samura’s talking about on pages 80 and 82.

Lavie Rhap: What I think is Samura’s strongest element is…pain. Pain that I certainly felt.

prettyprophet: Yeah, I don’t give a fuck what Samura says about being clinical, it fucking hurt me to look at it. So congrats everyone, we finally got a project that the Rabbits more or less agree on: this is fucked up, repugnant shit.

Lavie Rhap: What was it that Funny said?

nde: Decadent Beauty. Vice versa.

prettyprophet: Naturally, some assholes like Ed went around showing it off, despite both Samura and ourselves saying DON’T.

nde: Nothing stays forbidden.

Lavie Rhap: But we hope that people do understand that we really do not wish this artbook to be considered only for shock value. I suppose the same could be applied to the Rabbits.

prettyprophet: I ain’t gonna lie, this artbook, with three other releases on top of it……it was fucking exhausting. Guess this is the closest I get to burnout.

Lavie Rhap: Are we counting “Sadomi” as part of the flood?

prettyprophet: Nah. Palate cleanser, “Sadomi”! She’s over.

nde: So ends the celebration.

prettyprophet: Before I forget: post image is Cassandra Cain or, as Pat has come to call her, “AWESOME ASIAN BATGIRL”, eating cheesecake. Funny commissioned it from Kuroi-Tsuki…..using my descriptions of what Cass would look like eating cheesecake, which I had no idea would be used. Well, I tossed in a few bucks myself after I found out it was designed to get Pat to read Western comics.

Lavie Rhap: And it worked!

prettyprophet: Kuroi-Tsuki, bravo……especially on using this SPECIFIC cheesecake. I honestly wonder what people think when dealing with Funny’s insane requests.

Lavie Rhap: This was your idea.

prettyprophet: I know, but it’s not like I actually INTENDED the thing to get made.

nde: Official title: “The Cheesecake of Cassandra Cain”.

prettyprophet: All we need now is Power Girl and Terra making tiramisu.

Lavie Rhap: Or the past and present Robins playing Rock Band?

prettyprophet: Sorry Damian, you get the cowbell.

Lavie Rhap: Which is cute enough on its own right.

prettyprophet: Kuroi draws a hot Dick. Heh.

Lavie Rhap: Poor Jason.

prettyprophet: Man, are we older than them as well?

Lavie Rhap: I believe Jason was in his early 20s.

prettyprophet: Eh, fucking comic book time. Alright, let’s end this. Peace out kids, see you next ACHTUNG. Or next release.

Lavie Rhap: Whichever comes first.

prettyprophet: Seeing how we’re only halfway through November……ain’t much mystery.


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  2. [...] Reflections on the release flood and the past two years in the Rabbit Retrospective: Good is Dead. [...]

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