Liberty, Lunacy, Love

December, 2009:

Crocodile Ave.'s [Gamerz Heaven Director's Cut: Vol. 3 - Rush Version 2]

Tentacle Rush.

Dangerous Thoughts' [Dangerous Cattleya]

Dangerous Thoughts' Dangerous Cattleya

Rabbit releases, danger close!

Circle Taihei-Tengoku's [NIGHT HEAD HERLOCK]

NIGHT HEAD HERLOCK by Circle Taihei-Tengoku

The Day of the Leiji. Also, Christmas.

ACHTUNG: Taste is Overrated

Link wants to taste the tentacle

You’re a good man, Tony Chu.


Nyankotei’s [Pi]


“You wait your turn, you’ll be last in line
This is the beginning
Get out the way, ’cause I’m getting mine
This is the beginning
God helps the ones that can help themselves
This is the beginning
May be too late as far as I can tell
This is the beginning”