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ACHTUNG: Taste is Overrated

Link wants to taste the tentacle

You’re a good man, Tony Chu.

prettyprophet: nde, keep “Pi” out of this one. It’s a December release.

nde: Ok.

prettyprophet: So there you have it, the November wrap up that we totally missed out on. Lots of reasons, kinda talked about it in the “Pi” release…..yeah. I was thinking about putting it all together into the December ACHTUNG but screw it. All in all, we’re busy as hell. I have a final tomorrow…..and that’ll be the end of that. And nde, when the hell was your last one?

nde: Tuesday.

prettyprophet: And you’re done already.

nde: Only had two.

prettyprophet: Lucky motherfucker. Anyways, everyone’s all scattered and doing their own thing. Within a week, I bet everyone’ll scatter again because….it’s fucking Christmas/New Years. That means family, parties, and/or drinking. What I’m trying to say is: December really won’t be a real active month.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. So to make up for it, I’ll spend the post pimping out things that Rabbits think rock.


prettyprophet: Haven’t been reading any manga but “The Four Kuzumoto Siblings” really hit it off with me.

…..yeah right. “Ravages of Time”, that’s all I’ve been after. Meh translation but Chan Mou makes up for it. nde, you?

nde: Same. OMFGG started “Bakuon Rettou”.

prettyprophet: Huh. If you all want to read a project Rabbits may have done, “Bakuon Rettou” is one of them. Alright, on the Western end, I’ve been reading a bit more, like John Layman and Rob Guillory’s “Chew”. It’s fucking awesome. Then we got “Sweet Tooth” and “Power Girl”. Can’t talk about either at all because Lavie, Funny, and Trojan still haven’t read them. Fuckers.

nde: I’ve been reading “Gunnerkrigg Court”. I don’t think we need to link to it though since it’s popular.

prettyprophet: Whatever, I’ll link. Reminds me, more hilarious H-Mansion from Daniel Lau. Oh, and horrific Junji Ito. Speaking of horror……

And Pat and Lavie could probably list a whole lot more shit……….but they ain’t here.


prettyprophet: “Zombieland”. Probably the latest “latest” movie I saw.

nde: I saw “Ninja Assassin”.

prettyprophet: Yeah, and how was THAT?

nde: Not good.

prettyprophet: “Ninja Assassin”, not good. That’s the Rabbit verdict.


nde: Magic. Joyce.

prettyprophet: My reading’s been mainly school-based too…..but I’ve also got this one thick-ass piece of racist, hate-mongering material. Gonna have me some fun with that!


prettyprophet: Finally got around to “Dragon Age” myself…, that is a fucking timesink. I’m playing as a female human mage (second time through) and I think I’ll fuck the hell out of Leliana in this go. First time it was female rogue City Elf, went with Alistair, sided with Bhelen…..and that’s probably all I can say without massive spoilers. I’m playing mostly good on these two playthoughs, mainly because playing as “bad” always makes you look just like a jerkoff instead of vicious badass.

nde: Started “Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI” for PC again. Playing as Sun Ce’s faction. And “Devil Survivor”.

prettyprophet: I can tell you what Funny and Pat are playing for sure right now: Funny’s on “L4D2″ and “Izuna 2″ and Pat’s on that Hatsune Miku rhythm game. That’s all I’ve seen them play for the past weeks.

nde: And “Modern Warfare 2″.

prettyprophet: That’s Ed. Wasn’t going to mention him because, you know, he’s the least important out of everyone. What a waste of life.


prettyprophet: Speaking of scanlation…… secret. Sorry, yo.

nde: It’s not that special.

prettyprophet: Word.

……..and that wraps things up. Fuck, I should be studying, shouldn’t I?

nde: It’ll be easy for you.

prettyprophet: I know. But I can’t be letting you get higher marks than me, can I?

nde: I don’t.

prettyprophet: That’s because you don’t study.

nde: Yeah.

prettyprophet: Remember kids, study hard or you’ll end up a waifish Asian boy, soberly playing the piano and occasionally making some random philosophical point while your sister shoots rubber bands at you. God, where the fuck am I going with this?

nde: Rest more.

prettyprophet: Hey, don’t you fucking start on telling me to chillax. There’s Rabbit work to do.

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