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The Rabbit Revelry draws to a close.

prettyprophet: Jesus, this was a long list.

Lavie Rhap: Four Reich releases and seven Cowslip for the month of February 2010.

prettyprophet: Man, is that a record?

Lavie Rhap: We’ve been busy.

prettyprophet: Heh, yeah, technically we’ve all been more busy now in life than before…….and here we are releasing projects left and right. God damn.

Lavie Rhap: Which is why I’d like us to take the time to reiterate our position…

prettyprophet: Yeah, RECRUITMENT! Translators, editors, whatever…….you are welcome to join up. Email me at pr.rabbit[at]gmail[dot]com for details. We’re doing a hell lot more projects………but our numbers are pretty much the same as it’s been since last year. Don’t get fooled by the about page, we’re never more than eight active bodies, tops…..two of them being translators.

Lavie Rhap: While we haven’t felt the pinch yet, it does get rough should our primary editors, Prophet and Funny, find themselves unavailable.

prettyprophet: Usually we try to keep things cleaned WELL in advance, making it so typesetters don’t have to sit on a script……..but seeing how Funny’s typesetting most of the time as well………yeah, I barely have time to organize shit myself. It’s always “crap, this has to be cleaned”, “did anyone check this?”, “when’s this getting released”……and so on. And don’t tell me to fucking chillax.

Lavie Rhap: Haven’t said a word.

prettyprophet: Don’t be surprised if March slows down in comparison to this month. Don’t be surprised if I’m totally wrong.

Lavie Rhap: We would quite appreciate any assistance our readers could offer; a number of the Rabbits are continually working on Rabbit projects due to fears of any possible stalling.

prettyprophet: That and the idiots are doing more projects we can handle.

Lavie Rhap: Of course, it is not all doom-and-gloom with us; we’ve ambitious goals for the rest of this year.

prettyprophet: And of course, we’re not going to talk about that at all until we do them. Maybe you should join up, huh? Then you’d be privy to all our little secrets……….yeah right, I don’t even know half of what we’re doing.

Lavie Rhap: You do know more than most.

prettyprophet: And most is prone to changing before I even hear about it. So that’s the secret behind why we never write down our secrets.

Lavie Rhap: Shall we speak on more mundane matters?

prettyprophet: Or country matters?

Lavie Rhap: If you so please.

prettyprophet: nde got “Heavy Rain” but we haven’t opened it yet. Too busy. I’ve been exploring “Shadow of the Colossus” though. Go figure. Then there’s “ICO”……..

Lavie Rhap: Ah yes, and the co-op?

prettyprophet: Fucking awful. Why is it that we’ve got coordination shooting stuff but we can’t even run around shadows. FUNNY, YOU FUCKING SUCK.

Lavie Rhap: Have you tried switching roles?

prettyprophet: Course we did. I’m better at being Ico. Still doesn’t change the fact that there’s no coordination.

Lavie Rhap: I haven’t been playing any games…despite acquiring “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” not too long ago.

prettyprophet: You got that? When?

Lavie Rhap: Trojan accidentally purchased an extra copy.

prettyprophet: Fucking rich boy. Give me an extra copy!

Lavie Rhap: Are you going to get it?

prettyprophet: Maybe. A Zelda that does stuff? Fuck yeah! ……alright, let me borrow it later.

Lavie Rhap: And as for movies, books, events?

prettyprophet: Nothing, nothing……and I ain’t going to talk about events.

Lavie Rhap: I saw “The Crazies” yesterday.

prettyprophet: And?

Lavie Rhap: I don’t think it’d be to your liking.

prettyprophet: Let me guess: stupid people making stupid decisions in a fucked up situation for sake of drama. Whatever, spoil it for me after, I ain’t watching it.

Lavie Rhap: That’s about all for new material from me.

prettyprophet: Too bad Pat ain’t here. I’m sure she’s got SOMETHING to say. Alright, let’s wrap it up. Was there anything else?

Lavie Rhap: We hope to relaunch the Villa Leporidae soon.

prettyprophet: You know, when we’re not releasing things. So who the hell knows when that’ll be? Peace out!

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