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Okama ~ Okamax Ch. “Camellias”

okama's Camellias

Linus van Pelt: Every Easter, the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.

Sally Brown: That sounds faintly familiar. I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for The Great Pumpkin to come. That was the worst night of my life.

Linus van Pelt: But this is different. That was Halloween. This is Easter.

funny_bunny: That’s right, Linus, my good fellow! IT’S EASTER!

prettyprophet: And what’s a formerly-polytheistic celebration without art porn of the highest caliber? That’s right, OKAMA TIME.

nde: Okamax.

prettyprophet: “Camellias”. And this is pretty much the last manga-like chapter; everything else is either just pictures, short stories, or commentary, I guess. ak translated most of the rest already……..but there was no way we’d be able to finish off the whole artbook for Easter, so here’s this chapter. First “chapter” of the book, actually.

funny_bunny: GET IT OFF RABBIT-CHAN!

prettyprophet: …………..or since you’re reading this post, just use one of the filehosts.

funny_bunny: Whatever the Great Moon Rabbit wishes!

prettyprophet: How are those eggs?

nde: Lives up to the name.

prettyprophet: Alright, pass me some of that shit.

funny_bunny: Now! REBIRTH OF THE RABBIT!

prettyprophet: Aka let’s watch The Princess and the Frog.

nde: I’m playing Strange Journey.

prettyprophet: Keith David oughta play Gore. Bit old though, but hey, he was Anderson and Anderson was a rock.


prettyprophet: Anyways, Okama, Okamax, “Camellias”, sex. Hit it.

funny_bunny: FLORA EROTICK!

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  1. Kakanian says:

    Thank you guys, I love this one very much.

  2. Oliver says:

    Very poetic, very beautiful, thanks a LOT ! ^_^

  3. Next time okama does art porn, hit us up and we’ll get it done.

  4. asdfffdsa says:

    I could not help but become LAGOTIC after reading this

  5. [...] okama’s “Camellias” from the Okamax artbook. It’s got sexy sounds. And nudity, so come on over kids! [...]

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