Liberty, Lunacy, Love

Patalliro! ~ Ch. 24


Dig dig dig ’till my eyes can’t see
I still slip through and I still don’t bleed
On this slope there’s a hole and I
Have to get my self inside
Telling you that it’s the truth
I have to do this is my shadow and I have to see yours too
It’s waiting there for you it needs to frame you”

prettyprophet: Well what do you know, Patalliro again! This time into the exciting world of botany and weddings!

nde: Volume 7, chapter 24.

prettyprophet: Mineo Maya, joint with Euphoria! Passing Fancy! That didn’t segue well, did it?

nde: Not really.

prettyprophet: Eh, whatever.

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  1. [...] Patalliro! Chapter 24, joint with OE. It’s got flowers. I just did some landscaping myself not too long ago…ain’t flowers great? Yeah, that’s what this chapter is ALL about. [...]

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