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Queen Emeraldas Sidestory: Emeraldus vs. Herlock


“And if there are two eyes in my head, there are four seasons in a year, and reflections on the water of a burning yellow sphere. And the days add up to weeks, add up to months, and add up, and add up…to years. And if reflections on the water sometimes look like burning tears, we can watch them changing shape without pushing off the pier.”

prettyprophet: I know, I know, starting another new project would be pretty damn dumb of us. So this ain’t a new project!

Lavie Rhap: This release is a sidestory from Volume 4 of Leiji Matsumoto’s “Queen Emeraldas”: “Emeraldus vs. Herlock”. Whether or not we get around to the series…we leave that up to you.

prettyprophet: Yeah, YOU. You, reading this. Want us to do the rest? Find us translators! Find us editors! We need crew on our Rabbit ride out into space; c’mon, what are you waiting for?

Lavie Rhap: A number of the Rabbits have been on an outer space…obsession recently, wouldn’t you say?

prettyprophet: Now, first of all, ak, Fallen, and the rest of the kids over at the Leiji forum, they’re always on space. But me, I’ve been playing “Infinite Space” hardcore.

Lavie Rhap: nde as well?

nde: Yeah. It’s fun.

prettyprophet: And I think we can all agree: big fucking spaceships = awesome.

Lavie Rhap: Ah, the freedom of flight…

prettyprophet: You bet your ass. And that’s what it’s all about, ain’t it? So gag sidestory or not, this thing right here is plenty on the mark.

Lavie Rhap: Funny loved it, did he not?

prettyprophet: Course he did; pirates, yo.

Lavie Rhap: Adventure is out there, after all.

prettyprophet: I want to add that we’ve got a new feature: the Rabbit Download Roulette. Basically Rabbits’ll just toss on random whatever for download; these won’t be things we worked on, or even affiliated with. I’ll get a post up on it later.

Lavie Rhap: Aren’t we forgetting another thing to mention?

prettyprophet: I don’t know, are we?

Lavie Rhap: Perhaps it’s something we should just mention in passing

prettyprophet: Or not. PASSING FANCY! Hit that shit up for Scum Sucking Emeraldus doujinshi!

Lavie Rhap: Such vulgarity.

prettyprophet: You know it. Oh, and if you want that piece of Emeraldas at the end in higher resolution, go on over to the Villa.

Lavie Rhap: Enjoy the release.

prettyprophet: Make sure to read it like a pirate.

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  1. Fallen says:

    “That makes sense”

    Ha ha ha X3 I didn’t actually believe A.K. when he said it was really good – now I do. If that makes him feel any better. X3

    This was great! I just wish that Leiji played with his humor more!

    Thanks guys ^^

  2. yurakair says:

    you mean Harlock, right?

  3. Fallen says:

    @ Yurakair:

    Nope. Read it and you can see that the ships are named “Emeraldus” and “Herlock”. This was the first appearance of Emeraldas – and I’m pretty sure her name comes from the Spanish word “Esmeralda”, or the Spanish word for “Emerald”.


  4. The whole “Emeraldus” and “Herlock” thing is due to this being a sidestory; according to ak, it’s what differentiates this into alternate continuity. You’ll notice we don’t use the names interchangeably with “Emeraldas” and “Harlock”.

    Clever, huh? You can thank ak for it.

  5. yamiangie says:

    I didn’t expect this. Man this was funny I love how Herlock is so dectached and both crews are funny

  6. yurakair says:

    I’m Spanish, but thanks for the info.
    I’ll be waiting for more Harlock (not Herlock) chapters.

  7. iskra says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This is hilarious! “Who said they were all tall and handsome?” LOL!

    Emeraldus has got a very pretty first mate there. And Herlock is not too detached to miss the dinner…

  8. [...] Emeraldus vs. Herlock. What a coincidence! It’s gag sidestory from Queen Emeraldas vol. [...]

  9. Danish says:

    Thanks for this. ‘Twas very fun and enjoyable. The translation was odd but probably made it even funnier.
    I would love to see more Leiji Matsmoto from you guys.

  10. emeraldas says:

    Can you please upload this again? Thanks

  11. Reupped, got any other filehosts you want us to use?

  12. Ivey says:

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