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Tennenseki’s [A Little Play]

After School S&M Play

“play the GAME
please again
play the GAME
try the new world
let’s play the game”

prettyprophet: Fuck, you’re right, I forgot all about Trauma Team.

funny_bunny: Too much infinite exploration, says I!

prettyprophet: Nah, I’m in end game. Grinding for another Almas.


prettyprophet: Chillax bunny, nde’s got that. I’ll be done this in a week.

funny_bunny: But the Corsair is so big and expensive and SEXY!

prettyprophet: I checked the stats, fuck the fancy ships. And shut up, you’re going all carrier.

funny_bunny: That’s because BATTLESHIPS ARE EWWWW. And carriers are mother goddesses!

prettyprophet: Man, I wish they made this for the PS3. Or even the Wii. Big fucking space battles…..bigger crew, more customization….what was the last really epic game you played?

funny_bunny: BAYONETTA.

prettyprophet: No, I mean like, insane scale. Universe, reality destroying shit with a billion characters doing all sorts of deals.

funny_bunny: Bayonetta had epic sexy back. AND KILLER LEGS.

prettyprophet: Going legs now?

funny_bunny: Ah, pish posh, moi’s eyes shall always watch for playful hands…mayhaps your hands? Playing a portable?

prettyprophet: Eh, fuck, I gotta switch up back to console for a while, my hands cramp up too often.

funny_bunny: Stretch a bit!

prettyprophet: Fuck off, you’re stiffer than I am. Don’t you make a crack on that.

funny_bunny: Whatever do you mean? I was just about to advise you to stretch out your flighty fingers!

prettyprophet: Right.

funny_bunny: …AROUND MY NECK. Or just a slap. Slap slap slap!

prettyprophet: How about a backhand?

funny_bunny: Then a KISS?

prettyprophet: Pimpslap, pimpslap, kiss, is that how it goes now?

funny_bunny: It OUGHT to.

prettyprophet: Alright, I’m putting on Toy Story 2.

funny_bunny: NO, WAIT.

prettyprophet: Yeah?

funny_bunny: Could you grow your hair long and straight and put on black stockings and a skirt and a school uniform? AND HEELS.

prettyprophet: And then make you lick milk off me?

funny_bunny: Nonsense! I am no deviant…just choke me with a Wii strap, is all!

prettyprophet: With my feet?

funny_bunny: With your TEETH.

prettyprophet: Honestly what the fuck is with the Houkago references?

funny_bunny: Ohohoho, no reason!

prettyprophet: Get Pat if you want to talk that shit.

funny_bunny: Now now, Prophet, her temperament is not fitting for such a GRAND series as Houkago Play!

prettyprophet: If you fucking say what I think you’re going to fucking say, I will fuck you up.

funny_bunny: You’d…stomp me?

prettyprophet: I’d make sure no one ever stomps you again. Or choke, or slap, or murder.

funny_bunny: GASP, FIENDISH FAE! To deny a poor, simple creature as myself such SUSTENANCE! All over only a little play! Why, I daresay Tennenseki would be ASHAMED.

prettyprophet: Well, sorry but Tennenseki can fuck off since I don’t know who the fuck that is.

funny_bunny: Suzuri too!

prettyprophet: ……………………………Funny.

funny_bunny: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

prettyprophet: I fucking hate your idiot ass.

funny_bunny: And I admire yours!

prettyprophet: How much of this are you using for the post?

funny_bunny: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmz…game talk?

prettyprophet: That wasn’t that much.

funny_bunny: Hmmmmmmmmz…fetish talk?

prettyprophet: Yo, readers, this dj getting released, it ain’t porn so you boys can run along now.

funny_bunny: “A Little Play”! Houkago Play doujinshi! Circle Tennenseki! Artist Suzuri! ECCHI ECCHI ECCHI! Ecchi like Naota and RUBBITS!

prettyprophet: I’m pretty sure I cleaned this fuck knows how long ago…… was short as hell.

funny_bunny: Now! Where were we on the FUAH?

prettyprophet: You got hands too. Use them.

funny_bunny: Fufu! I shall! FOR REVELRY! FOR RIBALDRY!

prettyprophet: I need to destroy some fleets.

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